Bukit Puchong – KL Trail Running

Last weekend I found this gem set of trails being those in and around Bukit Puchong.  The reason I say a gem is because there is about 6km of trails that are perfect for trail running and practise as they are steep enough to be technical but not steep enough that you cannot run.

20170910i7 14 Puchong Hill20170910i7 12 Puchong Hill

As it is in the middle of Puchong it is very busy.  My 8:00am start saw me parking a good half a kilometre down the road. However the trails are generally wide enough that I had no trouble passing people as I was running.


The trail starts next to Persiaran Bukit, which is located on the Bandar Puchong side. This is important because my GPS took me to the other side first up (where Alice Smith School is) and there is no access from there.


This was one of the friendliest runs I have done with almost everyone saying good morning. So it was a constant stream of GiDay’s from me as I did the trail loop.

20170910i7 03 Puchong Hill20170910i7 04 Puchong Hill20170910i7 09 Puchong Hill

There are not many views as it is all jungled in. But families wanting to hike with kids it is easier than most trails and very safe.

20170910i7 16 Puchong Hill20170910i7 17 Puchong Hill20170910i7 18 Puchong Hill

Tomorrow I am going to hit the FRIM to clock up some distance…but will definitely be back to Bukit Puchong to get the legs used to hill running.

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