Harry Hedgehog & Bunny Cafe – Roppongi, Tokyo

A stop into Harry Hedgehog & Bunny Cafe on our first day in Tokyo did not satisfy our hunger as the only food served was meal worms for the little hedgehogs.

20170710 75 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday20170710 85 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday


The little guys were very spikey to hold as they wriggled around trying to escape but the trick was to rub their tummy and they curl up into a ball.  Molly was OK without gloves but Em was a bit of wimp.

20170710 74 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday20170710 78 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday20170710 92 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday

20170710 86 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday20170710 87 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday20170710 88 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday

For about 2,000 yen you get a table to sit down an feed the hedgehogs for 30 minutes.  We were able to walk straight in at around midday on a Monday but we noticed queues building as we were leaving and some large queues other times we passed later in the week.

20170710 65 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday20170710 73 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday

20170710 72 Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo Holiday

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