Emily Movie – Age 7 – 2007 to 2008

This is the seventh instalment for Emily and follows her at the age of seven through to her eighth birthday. The #1 Single when she turned seven was “In This Life” by Delta Goodrem from her “Delta” album. Unfortunately due to copyright the version of the video I have uploaded does not have the single playing, instead I have kept the original video sound in place.

For some reason I did not have a lot of video of Emily throughout 2007 and 2008 and so nearly all the video is from a major 6 week holiday we took throughout UK and Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and Belgium).  I was on 3 months gardening leave being in between employment Accenture and Booz and so we took the time to tour.

In the opening scene we had just landed in Heathrow very early morning, jumped in a car and were on our way to Stonehenge.  A stop over at a Little Chef for breakfast shows a jet lagged Em.

We were actually on our way to Bath to visit the Glassock family.  Long time family friends on Naval deployment to UK.  That is Ash Glassock running around with Em.

A stop in Ormskirk for Easter Egg Hunt with Kerrie’s parents before flying out of Liverpool to Schiphol Airport, Netherlands, for bike riding, pancakes and hot chocolate.

We then headed down the Rhine Valley and the Romantic Road to Bavaria where we saw some of the largest snow flakes one evening….to go with the oversized Pretzel’s that Em had been enjoying.

I put in a Nintendo Gameboy in bed shot…mainly because these kept both girls entertained for several years on our big trips….nowadays I guess it is iPads!!!

Shifting to a very frustrated ski instructor at Jungfrau, Switzerland, the girls had a great time and he took us down the Slalom cause with Em between his knees.

Some time at Euro Disney, our second visit, before heading up to Belgium and back to UK and Ormskirk.

Her 8th Birthday Cake was back at Heysen Street with my mum and dad signing as always.

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