Em Takes a Break in Singapore

After spending Christmas 2017 camping in the Grampians and New Years Eve with friends down at the beach at Queenscliff, Em made her way to Kuala Lumpur for a few days with me and then we both went onto Singapore…me for work and her to relax.

She mainly came up to get some alone time to get her study done in between her rowing camps…but while up we got to go to the gym most nights and also I took her out one morning on the Mountain Bike at TTDI. 

She was very nervous on the bike the first time around and took some convincing to do a second loop…but she was glad she did as she then had her confidence and enjoyed it.

20180105 02 Em at Fitness First Malaysia20180106 02 Em Moutain Bike - TTDI

In Singapore she took some time to do some tourist things heading down to China Town and Orchard Road.  She registered for the bicycles and showed me how to scoot round the city on them.

One evening we cycled down to Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens By The Bay.  We walked through the iconic Supertree Grove which are the 25 to 30 meter tree-like vertical gardens.  We took a drink at the top of one of the Supertree’s to take in the view.

20180109 08 Em in Singapore

20180109 09 Em in Singapore20180109 11 Em in Singapore

20180109 14 Em in Singapore

20180109 07 Em in Singapore20180109 22 Em in Singapore

As always she had no trouble travelling by herself and in fact her flight into Kuala Lumpur landed several hours before mine and so it was great to rock up to the apartment with the shopping all done and food in the fridge.

Em also took the sheets off her bed and folder her bed up the day we left Kuala Lumpur…more often than not she is a good girl.

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