Em’s 18th

Em’s 18th, back in September, was a party the week before her birthday with her closest (all-girls) friends down at the Ocean Grove Beach House and then a party on her birthday with the family all down at Ocean Grove.

20180929 11 Em 18th Birthday

We kicked it off by hiring a bus to take the girls from Melbourne to Ocean Grove. It was a relatively subdued night of beer pong and sitting around the fire chilling as they were on the eve of trial Year 12 exams. 

Of course the night also consisted of watching Em’s Videos for each year of her life to date.  As each of these were to the #1 Single on her birthday for each year, I gave her the CD for the album the single was from for each year.  It was an eclectic mix of music.

20180920 00a Em 18th Birthday20180920 01  Em 18th Birthday

20180920 03 Em 18th Birthday20180920 07 Em 18th Birthday

As always the cake was a By Kerrie creation.

20180920 09 Em 18th Birthday20180920 05 Em 18th Birthday

20180920 06 Em 18th Birthday

The family event was a similar gathering around the fire, a lot less alcohol but still with a Cake by Kerrie.  Em’s first attempt at opening a Champagne Bottle was not very successful…practice at College I am sure will happen.

20180929 13 Em 18th Birthday20180929 05 Em 18th Birthday

20180929 07 Em 18th Birthday20180929 08 Em 18th Birthday

Meals for both nights were courtesy of the BBQ Smoker I purchased using Em’s 18th as the excuse.  Was definitely worth lashing out on a more up-market solid smoker and it truly is an art to cook in this that will take some mastering.

20180920 08 Em 18th Birthday

Presents from s were largely jewellery which was subsequently exchanged a few weeks later for jewellery that she liked.  I am give to give up on selecting jewellery after having the Les Georgettes bracelets I brought for all 3 of them (Kerrie, Molly and Emily) for Christmas subsequently rejected.

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