Em’s Final Day at MLC

While I am writing this in March 2019 to reflect on Em’s final day at MLC back in October 2018, I have to note that Em has settled into University amazingly well and into her second week at University for which she could not have had a better start.  She found her RMIT Lectures, made friends both within Newman and within RMIT, pitched for the Newman Softball team and also got a job at Vincent the Dog, a trendy Carlton café.

Anyway back to the intent of this post and that is to show some photos of Em’s last day at MLC which started with breakfast amongst friends and Scooters to school.

000 Em Last Day

009 Em Last Day

A lot of festivities for the day with one of the main events being the whole of Year 12 walking out the MLC Gates for the very last time.  A packed street corner of parents and students as all posed for photos for the final time under the gate.

IMG_20181019_145220 Em Final Day at MLCIMG_20181019_145238 Em Final Day at MLCIMG_20181019_145258 Em Final Day at MLC

IMG_20181019_145316 Em Final Day at MLCIMG_20181019_145302 Em Final Day at MLCIMG_20181019_145320 Em Final Day at MLC

The evening was a graduation ball at the Melbourne Tennis Centre.  A spectacular event with the girls all formally dressed and a great chance to dance with Em.

013 Em Last Day010 Em Last Day

IMG_20181019_195508 Em Graduation Ball - Melb Tennis CentreIMG_20181019_193843 Em Graduation Ball - Melb Tennis CentreIMG_20181019_193829 Em Graduation Ball - Melb Tennis Centre

Em’s 4 years at MLC has seen her make some great friends and as people never really stray  very far in Melbourne she will no doubt keep many of them as friends for life.

002 Em Last Day

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