Batrouney 130th Family Reunion 2019

Last Sunday was the Batrouney Family Reunion which saw over 200 descendants of George and Annie Batrouney ascend on the Carlton Football Club in Melbourne for lunch.

20190317 06 Batrouney Family Reunion

It has been 130 years since George and Annie Batrouney made the journey from Lebanon to Carlton, Melbourne. It is awesome that most manage to get together every 5 years or so. 

Unfortunately Kerrie and I could not make it as we are in Malaysia but Molly and Emily did – a short trip for them given they both live less than 1 km from the Carlton Ground. So most of our branch of the family were there as per the following picture.

20190317 05 Batrouney Family Reunion

This was the first reunion since mum passed away and so am sure that would have made it bit hard for the family to attend without mum but at the same time great to see them all together.

20190317 10 Batrouney Family Reunion 20190317 09 Batrouney Family Reunion

20190317 07 Batrouney Family Reunion 20190317 02 Batrouney Family Reunion

20190317 08 Batrouney Family Reunion 20190317 04 Batrouney Family Reunion

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