Em’s Appendix

If Year 12 exams are not stressful enough, Em not only decides to get Glandular Fever three months out from exams, she also decides to go get appendicitis dead smack in the middle of exams. 

With English and Maths out of the way she heads off to hospital to have her appendix removed.

IMG-20181108-WA0001 Em Appendix

IMG-20181109-WA0004 Em Appendix IMG-20181110-WA0000 Em Appendix IMG-20181109-WA0003 Em Appendix

It was a shame that she could not tackle all the exams after 2 years of preparation and with this she was a bit upset. She was well prepared and had put the study time in. But special consideration was given which used results throughout the year and school averages etc. and in the end she easily got what she needed for Aviation.

With me in Malaysia, Kerrie and Molly at the hospital with Em, Ruby was all alone at home oblivious to the drama.

IMG-20181109-WA0005 Em Appendix

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