Restoran Santa Chapati House – Kuala Lumpur

As part as my farewell to Malaysia I took Kerrie to this little chapati oasis in Kuala Lumpur city – the Restoran Santa Chapati House.

20190411 04 Restoran Santa Chapati House 20190411 09 Restoran Santa Chapati House

A basic hole in the wall type of place that charges only RM 2 per Chapati server with a thick dhal and other curries (lamb, beef, fish etc.). This place really shows the typical Malaysia food culture where a restaurant does one thing but does that thing exceptionally well and hence ends up with a huge queue while other places near it can be almost empty.  Once you get the reputation then Malaysians will come from everywhere to have.

20190411 07 Restoran Santa Chapati House 20190411 02 Restoran Santa Chapati House 20190411 06 Restoran Santa Chapati House

This place was a regular go to for me when I came to Malaysia almost 10 years ago and would often head down with colleagues from Maybank and Bank Muamulat. It is only open Monday to Friday as in financial services area of KL. Location is:

No 11, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50000

The streets between these two bank offices are awesome to explore during business hours as there is a hive of local and almost historic food places.  I wrote about it back in 2012 it interested – Old KL

Also a truly Malaysian thing, Kerrie gets a Lassi to go which means it is served in a plastic bag with straw.

20190411 10 Restoran Santa Chapati House

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