Collectable Fountain Pens

So being back in Melbourne and home means I have started going through the various items that have been horded over the years and stuck in packing boxes or drawers. 

One of the first things I uncovered are two old fountain pens which I obtained in some way from the Auction Rooms that was the family business as I grew up.  These were either given to me by my grandfather or I talked him into buying them for me at one of the Antique Auctions that him and dad used to have. 

As far as I can tell neither are overly valuable financially at around AUD $100 to $150 each however they are of high value emotionally as a memory of soem of the many and varied things that made their way through the Auction Rooms.

The first pen, a Geha 720, is from Germany and the company primarily made pens for school use.

20190527 14 Geha Model 720 Fountain Pen (1958)20190527 15 Geha Model 720 Fountain Pen (1958)20190527 16 Geha Model 720 Fountain Pen (1958)

This Geha Model 720 is dated approximately 1958 with pistonfiller system and 14 K twotone, broad flexible tip.  There is not much information around and so the following is all I was able to determine.

GEHA – abbreviation for GEbrueder HArtmann – the Hartmann Brothers, who founded the company in Hannover. In 1950 – Geha-Werke announce a new invention being a fountain pen with reserve tank.

Geha’s first model series featured the red and gold Geha logo on the cap ornamental ring. In 1957 After the omission of the Geha logo on the cap, the value of the fountain pens was documented by the number of Klippringe: top model = 3 clip rings, middle price range = 2 clip rings, school filler = 1 clip ring.

My lovely specimen shows 3 clip rings so top f the line!!! It is a nicely balanced pen and a comfortable size.  To fill you loosen the top cap anti-clockwise, dip the nib in ink and then screw the top cap clockwise to close and pull up the piston.

The second pen is a classic being a Parker “51”.

20190527 07 Parker 51 Fountain Pen (1964)20190527 08 Parker 51 Fountain Pen (1964)

20190527 09 Parker 51 Fountain Pen (1964)20190527 10 Parker 51 Fountain Pen (1964)20190527 11 Parker 51 Fountain Pen (1964)

The Parker “51” has a lot of information available as it was one of the most popular fountain pens ever made. The pen was developed in 1939, the Parker company’s 51st year in business, and went on sale in 1941. Since then, it has been altered and revived any number of times, most recently as late as 2002.

The 51 was innovative in a number of ways. First was the design: sleek, modern, and oddly plain. No gorgeous, patterned celluloid, and, most surprisingly, a barely visible, “hooded” nib. This was a pen for use!!!

Second, the hooded nib allowed for an internal ink reservoir (the “collector”) to be located very near the nib. The fin area of the feed could now be filled with ink and it wouldn’t evaporate. Since the 51 was initially intended for use with a fast-drying ink, the issue of evaporation was especially important.

Third was the slip cap (i.e. the cap didn’t need to be screwed and unscrewed). Fountain pens had been made with slip caps before, but not with the secure closing mechanism that Parker developed for the “51.”

My Parker “51” is post 1964 Forest Green model with aerometric filling system and Gold Filled vertical lines cap; the imprint “51” was added to the cap lip only from 1964.

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