Em’s Holiday Class Talk back in 2010

In cleaning up an old computer from KL I found this simple reflection by Emily, at age 10, to her school class on one our major holidays to the USA.  This was our trip to the East Coast for Emily’s 10th birthday.
I have kept the exact format and structure as to how she originally wrote it.  In a few words she hits what was memorable to her.  You cannot get more direct than the view of a 10 year old!!!

Good morning  4B

1.     For free choice I’m talking about some of the favourite things I did on my holiday, like…..


2.      My birthday – I was in Disney world at that time, I had a hat and pin to wear and had breakfast with the princesses and got a card   from them. The theme park that we went to was magic kingdom, I had lots of fun


3.      Busch gardens – in Busch gardens I went on a ride that went vertically down, I was shaking so much. It wasn’t so bad though, I quite enjoyed it! My Dad and I went on lots of other rides. Mum and my sister did not go, just me and Dad


4.      Washington – in Washington we went on a bike ride around the monuments, I also got a photo with the President of U.S.A   if you believe me


5.      New York – one very popular thing was the jersey boys, this is a show on Broadway, but I fell asleep for half the time so there not much to tell .the boys were Matt , Ryan , Dominic, Jarrod. And also got a pizza from New York and I went to the statue of liberty.



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