Life is Good

Found these little words of advice from Molly from an assignment she must have done for school – she was 13 at the time and such a positive spirit…

Life is Good, by Molly Batrouney, Year 7

Life is good because really life is good. I bet your thinking now, “I failed maths! How does this make life good?” Well think of the positive. At least you have food in your bellies and i bet all of you have some sort of shelter. But isn’t just wonderful when you get something better than what you bargained for.

I had Macca’s some time ago, It was my dinner for the night. Little did I know that inside was a cheeseburger. I didn’t order a cheeseburger nor was on the receipt. FREE cheeseburger, BONUS! After I finished my meal I consumed my free cheeseburger, oh it was nice. I remember thinking that night Life is Good because it is. I got a free cheeseburger out of a multibillion dollar company. Hahaha good times!

I think it’s the little things that make life better. Like a good report. Can’t wait to get mine! I’ve come up with a list of my favourite 5 things that make life great.

  1. Sleeping in on rainy days. Don’t you just love sleeping in your nice warm bed in the winter mornings!
  2. New Clothes. I just love going shopping!
  3. The Internet. I cannot live without the internet. It is such a big part of life.
  4. Music. O o oo oo i love usher!
  5. Playing Sport. I play approximately 3 games of hockey a week! I just love the exhilaration.

It’s also the little things that make life suck. Like my little sister, JOKING! Just one simple thing can turn a good day into a bad day. I hate that! When your expectations of your self aren’t met. Do you sometimes feel as if you could of studied a bit more before the test? I do. But even though i pass the test, i feel as though i could have done better. Pushed myself that little harder. Study the things I thought i already knew.

I looked up life in the dictionary. It came up with the period between birth and death. A good life must mean the period between birth and death is good. The only way to make it good is in your hands. You are the only person who can change your life. People can influence you but it is really your decision. Enjoy life because really life is good.

IMG_0215_2888 Snapshot_20100415_2

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