Moo’s Graduate Offer

A big week last week for us all as Molly accepted an offer into the Accenture Graduate program and with this embarks on an initial career in consulting and technology.


We popped a bottle of Champagne and got to toast Moo while taking in the fantastic views on Melbourne from our new apartment – which we moved into late August.

20190904 Celebrating Moo Offer with Accenture

We are all very proud of her and I am glad she got het first preference with Accenture as they are a great company, with an awesome culture and their graduate program is first rate. 

It gave us a chance to reflect on our own career starts with Kerrie as a Brooke Bond Graduate that transitioned into Unilever when they purchased Broke Bond. So her start as a manufacturing engineer was in tea, but obviously her later time in confectionary at Nestle was the ultimate, especially when pregnant and working at a Chocolate factory.  She had an awesome 10 years at Unilever travelling to factories across Europe before eventually deciding to settle to Australia.

Mine was more along the path that Molly is following as a consulting graduate in the early nineties in EDS.  EDS was a power house in technology at the time and the 6 months in Dallas was definitely a highlight of their graduate program.  Structured into formal monthly intakes of 20 graduates from around the world gave a chance to build global relationships early but also made for a lot of fun, in and around the formal training.

As a young 21 year old who had never travelled the time in Dallas was sometimes overwhelming but an experience that is second to none and something that uniquely set me up early in my career.

We are all very green when we leave University and so being able to join a company that brings structure to how they support gradates in those first few years is not an opportunity many get.  Moo has worked hard for this and we wish her all the best.

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1 Response to Moo’s Graduate Offer

  1. Jean says:

    Congratulations Molly!
    I hope work brings you up to Sydney some time XxJean

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