We have moved into Flagstaff Green

I never did an official post for our move in day to Flagstaff Green which was mid August.

20190802 Flagstaff Green Inspection

We are now settled back into Melbournian living with the inner city apartment and its spectacular views of Melbourne City and the main house one and a half hours away at Ocean Grove and its 8km long ocean beach.

We are wrapped with the apartment and I am especially glad we went for the full length balcony such that each bedroom and the living space have full length sliding doors that open up onto the balcony. In summer it will be great to just open it all up.

20190505 01 Flagstadd Green from Train20190821 02 FlagstaffGreen Move in Day

Dad came down from Albury to help us move in. He is getting a bit old for this and so I think he hopes this is our last!!! 

It was our 11th place to set up since Kerrie and I met with Eltham – Ivanhoe – Canberra x 2 – Kuala Lumpur x 2 – Hawthorn (for Em at MLC) while I had a further Kuala Lumpur x 2 while commuting – Ocean Grove and now Flagtsaff.

20190821 01 FlagstaffGreen Move in Day20190821 03 FlagstaffGreen Move in Day20190821 04 FlagstaffGreen Move in Day

The convenience of having a pad in the city cannot be underrated.  I know we are lucky to be able to do this, especially when so many are struggling for a first home, but to switch between ocean and city is great. 

Officially now the plan is that Ocean Grove stays our main base.  I am not saying that Kerrie and I might not still move around but where ever we go now we will keep it downsized and just move what is needed, while the majority of family stuff stays at Ocean Grove.  With the kids grown hopefully this plan works as I don’t want to move a full house again.

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