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Life is Good

Found these little words of advice from Molly from an assignment she must have done for school – she was 13 at the time and such a positive spirit… Life is Good, by Molly Batrouney, Year 7 Life is good … Continue reading

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Kerrie’s thoughts on our Japan Holiday in 2012

Found a note from Kerrie where she was reflecting on the awesome holiday we had in Japan back in 2012… Japan was an amazing place, I really loved it! It is nothing like the rest of Asia and nothing like … Continue reading

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Kerrie’s Kuala Lumpur Experience Menu

The following was a list Kerrie pulled together in 2012 after our first two years in Kuala Lumpur.  A bit old but As I skim through it the places and experiences are still the relevant ones to do.  I tend … Continue reading

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Em’s Holiday Class Talk back in 2010

In cleaning up an old computer from KL I found this simple reflection by Emily, at age 10, to her school class on one our major holidays to the USA.  This was our trip to the East Coast for Emily’s … Continue reading

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Collectable Fountain Pens

So being back in Melbourne and home means I have started going through the various items that have been horded over the years and stuck in packing boxes or drawers.  One of the first things I uncovered are two old … Continue reading

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The Jewel at Changi Airport

In April the Jewel finally opened at Changi Airport and I got the chance to have a look around a few weeks ago as I had a 4 hour layover between KL to Melbourne. The Jewel is a mixed-use development … Continue reading

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Bait KL – Bangsar Village for Kerrie’s 55th

For Kerrie’s 55th birthday we had a relaxed dinner for 2 at BAIT at Bangsar Village.  We had avoided this place mainly because we knew that with my love of oysters it would be an expensive night.  However I managed … Continue reading

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