The Page and its sub-pages is a catalogue of my Lego collection…as of September 2012 I have just started capturing the 100’s of sets that I have so this page will be incomplete for many years.

Please use the menu to access the sub-pages and photos of my Lego collection.

I have been collecting Lego I guess since my parents bought me my first set around 1970 at age of 1. I like to buy the miss match of Lego that parents sell when their kids have grown up and go through these making up the sets within. It’s a vicious circle as you get some complete sets but mostly incomplete and so you buys more bulk Lego to try and make up the missing pieces.

Some useful Lego sites…


It is great to see my kids into LEGO with Emily making her own LEGO Movie for a Year 8 School Project.


4 Responses to Lego

  1. says:

    Hi, I am just wondering if you want to sell off your LEGO 10181. You can reach me at

  2. Awesome!! We LOVE Lego!!!

  3. tbzz2013 says:

    Very nice blog! And collection of Lego of course 🙂 I love old sets and collect them since few years. I Invite to my site to see my work with old sets. And my collection on sub-page. Greetings and once again – nice job! 🙂

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