Lego Creator

Make and Create is a theme that was introduced in 2001. It has many sub-themes, including Creator. Creator and many of the Make and Create subthemes are below.

Creator is a LEGO theme which focuses on the creative construction of System parts as opposed to playability functions of minifigures as in most other themes. As such, Creator sets are typically based on buildings, cars, or creatures. There are also small sets contained in plastic canisters, similar to the way BIONICLE and Hero Factory sets are packaged. The Creator sets did not include Minifigures until 2011, although many of the older sets are minifigure-scaled.

4016-1 Racer

Set # 4016-1: Racer
Year 2001
A Creator set. The set consists of 17 pieces. It is a polybag set. It’s recommended for children ages 4 through 9. It shares a common colour scheme (red, green, black and trans-yellow) with three other sets, 4017 Sea Helicopter, 4018 Ship and 4019 Aeroplane.


4101 Wild Collection

Set # 4101: Wild Collection
Year 2003
A Make & Create – Designer set. The main collection of models are a chameleon, a crab, an ant, and a dragonfly. There are instructions for 20 animals of varying size.


4174-1 Max Goes Flying

Set # 4174-1: Max Goes Flying
Year 2001

A Creator set that contains 1 4+ Figure, and 172 pieces to build several models.


4893-1 Revvin' Riders

Set # 4893-1: Revvin’ Riders
Year 2006
A Creator set that contains 360 pieces and instructions for eight models – mainly bikes – in three difficulty levels.


4895 01 Motion Power

Set #4895: Motion Power
Year 2006
A Creator set that includes 611 pieces including a battery box, motor and two spring-loaded rubber missiles, and instructions for three models: a helicopter with motorized rotors and firing missiles, a “crawling” spider and a car.

4895 02 Motion Power

4895 03 Motion Power







Set # 4939-1: Cool Cars
Year 2007
A Creator set that contains 206 pieces to build a yellow and grey sports car over 5″ long. It also includes instructions to build a sleek race car, and a truck, however, only 1 can be built at a time.


4953-1 Fast Flyers

Set # 4953-1: Fast Flyers
Year 2007

A Creator set that contains 312 pieces.



Conquer the skies with this awesome LEGO® Creator Fast Flyer set! Build a realistic modern jet with movable wings and lots of great detailing. When you’re done, take it apart and rebuild it into a helicopter or hovercraft with the included instructions! The set includes a variety of bricks and elements in red, white and blue.
Includes building Instructions for all 3 models.
Helicopter rotors really spin!
With LEGO Creator, the sky’s the limit!


4954-1 Model Town House_thumb

Set # 4954-1: Model Town House
Year 2007
A Christmas present for Molly, this set contains instructions and 1174 pieces for 3 different house models.


7602-1 Jeep

Set # 7602-1: Jeep
Year 2006
A Creator set that includes 46 pieces and is intended for children ages five through ten. The pieces built a Black Jeep/SUV.


7803-1 Red Jeep

Set # 7803-1: Red Jeep
Year 2009

A Creator Promotional set that contains 38 pieces to build a model of a Jeep.


30184 Little Helicopter

Set # 30184: Little Helicopter

Year 2013

LEGO Creator Polybags are either hit or miss. The small helicopter was a very fun build because it uses a lot of different angles for the parts. Also, being a helicopter, you can get a lot of play value out of this.


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