Lego System – City

City is the thematic title under which most Town-related System sets were released from 2005 and onward.

3179-1 Repair Truck

Set # 3179-1: Repair Truck
Year 2009

Set includes one Mechanic Minifigure with a set of tools. The truck is mainly yellow.


3222-1 Helicopter and Limousine

Set # 3222-1: Helicopter and Limousine
Year 2010
A City Airport set that includes helicopter and limousine plus 4 minifigures. Features removable limo roof and spinning helicopter blades.


4210-1 Coast Guard Platform

Set # 4210-1: Coast Guard Platform
Year 2008
A special edition City Coast Guard set that includes 469 pieces.



When there’s an emergency at sea, the Coast Guard is always ready to come to the rescue!
The elevated ocean base of LEGO City Coast Guard has all the vehicles and equipment you’ll need to save the day. Spot trouble from the command platform tower, take off from the landing pad with the rescue helicopter, and use the crane to lower the speedboat into the water to speed to the scene!
Includes 4 minifigures.


4432-1 Garbage Truck

Set # 4432-1: Garbage Truck
Year 2012

Great detail. Garbage Tank tips up to empty.



4433 Dirt Bike Transporter

Set # 4433: Dirt Bike Transporter
Year 2011

It includes a truck, a trailer that can hold two dirt bikes, and many accessories. It comes with two drivers.


4437 Police Pursuit

Set # 4437: Police Pursuit
Year 2012
A City Forest set. The robber’s truck has a dark red, white and light grey colour scheme, KC lights and a working tailgate. The police ATV is white, blue and light grey and has positionable handlebars and lights.


Help! The robber is getting away in his cool off-roader with stolen money and a gold bar. Chase him down and catch him with the forest policeman on the ATV! Includes forest policeman and robber minifigures.

  • Includes 2 minifigures: forest policeman and robber
  • Vehicles include police ATV and robber’s off-road vehicle
  • Features gold bar, money bill and crowbar
  • Catch the robber before he escapes!
  • Robber’s off-road vehicle measures over 4” (12cm) long
  • Police ATV measures over 2” (6cm) long


4439 Heavy-Duty Helicopter

Set # 4439: Heavy-Duty Helicopter
Year 2012
A 2012 City Police set. The helicopter is modelled after the real-life Chinook helicopter and the pilots have new flight vest pieces, which closely resemble Kevlar vests.


4667-1 Loadin' Digger

Set # 4667-1: Loadin’ Digger
Year 2004
A City (4 Plus) set that contains 30 pieces to construct a bulldozer nicknamed “Loadin’ Digger”, and a 4+ Figure. It is yellow and black.


4912-1 Police Jet Ski

Set # 4912-1: Police Jet Ski
Year 2005

A promotional City set that includes 22 pieces and instructions for a small Police boat with a Policeman.


4938-1 Fireman's Car

Set # 4938-1: Fireman’s Car
Year 2007

It comes with a ATV quad and a fireman. It is for kids ages 4 up. It contained 28 pieces.



7032-1 Highway Patrol & Undercover Van

Set # 7032-1: Highway Patrol & Undercover Van
Year 2003
A World City set that includes a police van, pickup truck, and two police officers.


7044-1 Rescue Chopper

Set # 7044-1: Rescue Chopper
Year 2004

A World City set that includes a rescue helicopter and 2 World City Coast Guards minifigures.


Call for the Rescue Chopper!
No matter the emergency, the Rescue Chopper is there to get the job done! Lower the stretcher, use the winch to pick up an accident victim and whisk him to the hospital right away. If there’s trouble at sea, drop the buoy to warn boaters. Use the zip line to send one of the pilots to make a daring mountain rescue! Includes two pilots, stretcher, buoy, and more.


7240-1 Fire Station (Car Only)

Set # 7240-1: Fire Station
Year 2005
Set should contain the Fire Station, an emergency truck, three Firemen, and several tools. I only have the emergency vehicle.


7241-1 Fire Car

Set # 7241-1: Fire Car
Year 2005

A City Fire set. It contains 46 pieces. It comes with a small car, a Fireman, a fire extinguisher, and an axe



Here comes the fire chief to save the day!
Get to the scene of the fire first in your fast fire car! You’re the fire chief, ready to lead a team of fire fighters as they battle the blaze. Includes fire chief mini-figure.


7246-1 Mini Digger

Set # 7246-1: Mini Digger
Year 2005
A Construction set that has 36 pieces and is classified as 5+. It is also named an Exclusive in the LEGO catalog. It includes 1 worker and a small digger with a jackhammer and shovel that can connect onto the back.


7732-1 Air Mail

Set # 7732-1: Air Mail
Year 2008

A City set that includes 88 pieces to build an air mail plane.


7743-1 01 Police Command Center

Set # 7743-1: Police Command Center
Year 2008
A Police set that contains 524 pieces to construct a police truck with a semitrailer, a ATV, a small police building, three police officers and a convict.


7743-1 02 Police Command Center






The ultimate crime-fighting vehicle!
The police are able to keep watch and protect the city from anywhere with their mobile command center! The Police Truck is fully equipped with sides that open up, control room, tools, quad bike, and much more.

  • Command station has a gate that really lifts open!
  • Cab and trailer are detachable!
  • Includes 4 minifigures
  • With cab attached, truck is over 14” (36cm) long


7903-1 Rescue Helicopter

Set # 7903-1: Rescue Helicopter
Year 2006

A City set that contains 245 pieces to construct a medical rescue helicopter


Fly to the rescue!
By sea or land, the rescue helicopter is always prepared to save the day! Equipped with a stretcher and fully functional winch, the rescue officers are ready to handle any situation.
– Copter rotors really spin, and cockpit and doors really open!
– Includes civilian and 2 rescue minifigures.
– Includes working winch for airlifting patient!


7942-1 Off-Road Fire Rescue

Set # 7942-1: Off-Road Fire Rescue
Year 2007
A City Fire set that contains a small pick-up truck with a trailer in the back, several pieces of equipment, and a fireman.


Ready for off-road rescues!
No matter where the emergency is, the fire chief is ready to speed to the scene and save the day! Set includes fire chief’s off-road fire rescue truck, trailer, and lots of great firefighting equipment! Includes fire chief minifigure to take command of your rescue team!


7945-1 Fire Station 01

Set # 7945-1: Fire Station
Year 2007

A present for Emily. The set includes a Fire Station containing the central station, control room, and an alarm room and two garages. Two different fire trucks are included along with four Fireman Minifigures.

7945-1 Fire Station 02






7991-1 Recycle Truck

Set # 7991-1: Recycle Truck
Year 2007
This set contains an orange recycle truck, a silver recycle can, some trash that can be recycled, a Worker minifigure, and several accessories. The truck can seat two minifigures. The Worker figure has an orange torso, green legs, a black hat, and a yellow face.


8398-1 BBQ Stand

Set # 8398-1: BBQ Stand
Year 2009
Contained within the set is 22 piece which can create a Barbecue stand, condiments, an umbrella, and a Chef minifigure.


30364 Popcorn Cart

Set # 30364: Popcorn Cart

Polybag that contains a brilliant printed 1×1 brick, representing a traditional popcorn carton. The popcorn vendor wears an attractive plaid shirt.




60003 Fire Emergency

Set # 60003: Fire Emergency
Year 2103

The fire truck is mostly red. In the front is a seating area that fits one minifigure. The building is brown and grey with a red roof. It has two windows and a transparent door on the front, all of which are boarded up by a single flat tan brick each, with each tan brick being printed to look like a wooden board. The upper-left corner of the roof is black, to give it the appearance of being burnt, and there are flames on top of it. There is a knob that can flip the flames backward and out of sight to represent the fire being put out.


60073 02 Service Truck

60073 01 Service Truck

Set # 60073: Service Truck
Year 2115
A City – Demolition set with 2 mini figures, a portable toilet and associated service truck with crane.



60134 01 Fun in the park - City People Pack

Set # 60134: Fun in the park – City People Pack
Year 2106

The set consists of 14 minifigures, as well as multiple accessories and park structures.  I have displayed them on an Xtra theme Park Playmat.


60134 02 Fun in the park - City People Pack60134 03 Fun in the park - City People Pack

60150 Pizza Van

Set # 60150: Pizza Van
Year 2107

Features a pizza van with opening sides and kitchen space in the back, a scooter and a table with parasol. Includes two minifigures.


60204 01 LEGO City Hospital

60204 03 LEGO City HospitalSet # 60204: LEGO City Hospital
Year 2018

A LEGO City set to be released on June 1st 2018. It contains three floors, a garage, a small ambulance, a helicopter, and a gift shop.



60206 Sky Police Jet Patrol

Set # 60206: Sky Police Jet Patrol

Featuring a cool toy jet plane with opening minifigure cockpit and searchlight. Also includes an opening mini safe box with room for loot.


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