Lego System

LEGO System is The LEGO Company’s main line of building elements, minifigures and sets and features the iconic standard LEGO bricks, which evolved from LEGO’s first series of Automatic Binding Bricks that first appeared in 1949. The new pieces were first marketed under the name LEGO Mursten in 1953 and from 1955 to 1970 in the System i Leg series of toys. Later it was simply known as LEGO System.

1-10 Mini-Wheel Model Maker No.1Set # 1-10: Mini-Wheel Model Maker No.1
Year 1971
A Model Maker set that contained 86 pieces, enough to build three models, without taking one or another apart.



709-1 Police Boat

Set # 709-1: Police Boat
Year 1977

A Boats set that contains a police boat and a Policeman.



1184-1 Ninja Blaster

Set # 1184-1: Ninja Blaster
Year 1999
A set of a small Ninja catapult. A Green Ninja Robber minifigure was included. This set was also known as Cart and Master and Heavy Gun.


1250-1 {SHELL Promotional Set Service Station Series} Dragster

Set # 1250-1: {SHELL Promotional Set: Service Station Series:} Dragster
Year 1999

Part of the Shell Promotional Line.


1278 Johnny Thunder and Baby T

Set # 1278-1: Johnny Thunder & Baby T
Year 2000
An Adventurers Dino Island set released as a Kabaya promotion. It includes a cart, Johnny Thunder, a baby T-Rex, and some accessories.


1370-1 Raptor Rumble Studio

Set # 1370-1: Raptor Rumble Studio
Year 2001
A Studios Jurassic Park 3 set. It includes three minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, and a Camera Man. Two brick-built Raptors and a brick-built Pteranodon also appear in this set.


1631-1 race car

Set # 1631-1: race car
Year 1990

From one of my many eBay purchases of bulk Lego.



1769-1 Aircraft

Set # 1769-1: Aircraft
Year 1992

A BASIC set obtained from bulk Lego purchase.



2540-1 Fright Knights Catapult

Set # 2540-1: Fright Knights Catapult
Year 1998
A Fright Knights set that was released as a Shell promotion. The set includes Basil the Bat Lord and a cart with a catapult.


2541 Adventures Car

Set #2541-1: Adventures Car
Year 1998

An Adventurers Egypt set that includes 25 pieces to construct a Baron Von Barron minifigure and a car.



2848-1 Fright Knights Flying Machine

Set # 2848-1: Fright Knights Flying Machine
Year 1997
A Fright Knights set that contains a flying machine and Basil the Bat Lord.  The set also includes a bat and a crystal ball, which were both completely new pieces back in 1997.


4337-1 Dragon Pod

Set # 4337-1: Dragon Pod
Year 2005
A X-Pod set. It has a transparent lime pod with green lids and includes 52 pieces and instructions for three models.


4347-1 Auto Pod

Set # 4347-1: Auto Pod
Year 2004
A X-Pod set that was designed to be completely portable, and came with many pieces to build miniature vehicles wherever you are. The pod was transparent with blue lids and contains 67 pieces.


4569-1 Warrior

Set # 4569-1: Warrior
Year 2001
A small LEGO Xalax set. The set is one of the nine Racers released separately that year. It contains a small car, and a Rama alien.


4582-1 Red Bullet

Set # 4582-1: Red Bullet
Year 2002

A Racers set that includes a red racecar driver and a red racecar.



4592-1 Red Monster

Set # 4592-1: Red Monster
Year 2002

A Drome Racers set. It contains a small minifigure and a car with a pullback motor



4702-1 The Final Challenge

Set # 4702-1: The Final Challenge
Year 2001
A Harry Potter set that contains one spiderweb, the Mirror of the Erised, Harry Potter, and Professor Quirrell, who has Voldemort’s face on the other side of his head.


4714-1 Gringotts Bank

Set # 4714-1: Gringotts Bank
Year 2002
A Harry Potter set that depicts Gringotts Bank as it appears in the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It contains a rail car with rails, the bank’s front entrance, and a vault. Minifigures included are Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid, Griphook, and a Goblin.


4720 01 Knockturn Alley

Set # 4720: Knockturn Alley
Year 2003
A Harry Potter set.




4720 02 Knockturn Alley

It recreates the scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Harry Potter accidentally enters the shop of “Borgin and Burkes” in Knockturn Alley – a street and shop in the wizarding world known for both dark magic and sinister witches and wizards. Exclusive Lucius Malfoy and Harry Potter minifigures are included.


Can Harry Potter™ escape Knockturn Alley™?
Taking a wrong turn, Harry Potter™ stumbles upon a dark wizard’s shop in the dreaded Knockturn Alley™. Can Harry stay hidden among the mysterious wizard’s supplies or will he be discovered by Lucius Malfoy™? Includes Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy.


4727-1 Aragog in the Dark Forest

Set # 4727-1: Aragog in the Dark Forest
Year 2002
A Harry Potter set. It depicts the scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in which Harry Potter and Ron Weasley travel into the Forbidden Forest following the spiders to learn more about the Hogwarts attacks.


4729 01 Dumbledore's Office

Set 4729: Dumbledore’s Office
Year 2002
A Harry Potter set. The set depicts the visit Harry Potter takes to Professor Dumbledore’s Office in his second year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The office set includes a spiral staircase, moving parts, and secret compartments, the Sorting Hat, potions, a key, spellbooks, and an observatory. Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore, and Professor McGonagall minifigures are included.


4729 02 Dumbledore's Office

The office is a three-story building. Two floors of Dumbledore’s Office close up into compact, closed boxes. Each has two wings that open up for accessibility. On the bottom floor, the doors open only when the mechanism under the dragon’s head is unlocked using a scorpion key. The other way in is the stained-glass window around the back that lifts up to form a secret entrance.



Pay a visit to Professor Dumbledore™!
Unlock the hidden entrance to Professor Dumbledore’s office and discover the magic waiting inside! Climb the moving stairs to meet the wise old headmaster of Hogwarts™ School. Connect Dumbledore’s Office to your Hogwarts™ Castle set for the complete Harry Potter™ experience! Includes Professor Dumbledore™, Professor McGonagall™, and Harry Potter™.


4730-1 01 The Chamber of Secrets

Set # 4730-1: The Chamber of Secrets
Year 2002
The set features the chamber underneath Hogwarts which was created by Salazar Slytherin because he disagreed with the other founders about blood purity. Based on the second book/movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, recreated is the scene where Harry Potter comes face-to-face with a Basilisk.

4730-1 02 The Chamber of Secrets






Solve the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets™!
Gather up your courage and follow Harry Potter™ into the Chamber of Secrets™! But be careful – the entrance gate doesn’t let anyone escape! The phoenix Fawkes and the Gryffindor sword are Harry’s only allies against the Basilisk. Only you can help him save Ginny Weasley™! Includes Harry, Ginny, Fawkes™, Gilderoy Lockhart™, Tom Riddle™ and Ron Weasley™.


4733-1 The Dueling Club

Set # 4733-1: The Dueling Club
Year 2002
A Harry Potter set. It depicts the scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy compete with each other in the Dueling Club.


Join the Dueling Club™!
Gilderoy Lockhart™ has started a Hogwarts’ Dueling Club. Will Harry win the duel, or will Malfoy’s spell make him fall over? Includes Gilderoy Lockhart™, Professor Snape™, Harry Potter™, and Draco Malfoy™.


4758-1 01 Hogwarts Express

Set # 4758-1: Hogwarts Express
Year 2004
A Harry Potter set. It is the second model of the train that takes wizarding students to Hogwarts Castle, being previously represented in set 4708. Along with the train, the set also includes a Hogsmeade Station platform and trolleys.

4758-1 02 Hogwarts Express

This version of the Hogwarts Express mainly represents the train’s appearance in the third Harry Potter installment, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, specifically the scene in which the students on the train encounter a Dementor searching the train for Sirius Black, which Professor Lupin defends them from.


Take a trip on the Hogwarts™ Express!
Harry and Ron meet their new teacher, Professor Lupin, on board the Hogwarts™ Express — too bad there’s a dementor™ on board too! Lift the top of the boiler off and pull the handle in the steering house to reveal a secret compartment! Top comes off the passenger car so you can put Harry and his friends inside the train. Includes Hogsmeade Station, Harry Potter™, Ron Weasley™, Professor Lupin, and a dementor. Train does not run on LEGO train tracks but can be modified accordingly.


4795-1 01 Ogel Underwater Base and AT Sub

Set # 4795-1: Ogel Underwater Base and AT Sub
Year 2002

An Alpha Team set. This set includes Dash Justice, Ogel, and two Skeleton Drones.


4795-1 02 Ogel Underwater Base and AT Sub

This was Ogel’s base in Mission Deep Sea. It includes several orbs, perhaps alluding to Ogel’s Undersea Base, where Ogel would launch his Trouble Sub. It is assumed that the sub would bring the orb poison to the world via the ocean. This set is probably a scaled-down version of Ogel’s Undersea Base.


4806-1 Axe Cart

Set # 4806-1: Axe Cart
Year 2000

A Knights’ Kingdom set.



4910-1 Hover Scout

Set # 4910-1: Hover Scout
Year 1999
A Rock Raiders set that contains the Hover Scout, a flying vehicle piloted by Jet, and a little station with an Energy Crystal.


4940-1 Granite Grinder

Set # 4940-1: Granite Grinder
Year 1999
A Rock Raiders set that includes 108 pieces and 1 minifigure. The set contains a walking machine, with a big silver drill on the front. The machine is piloted by Axle.


5580-1 Highway Rig

Set # 5580-1: Highway Rig
Year 1986
This set is very cool in detail and design. Bonnet lifts forward and tyre behind cabin connects through to turn the front wheels.


5925-1 Pontoon Plane

Set # 5925-1: Pontoon Plane
Year 1999
An Adventurers Jungle set that contains a seaplane and Harry Cane minifigure. Also included were many accessories, as well as a printed dynamite tile, a pickaxe, a shovel and a pistol.


5978-1 01 Sphynx Secret Surprise

Set # 5978-1: The Secret of the Sphinx
Year 1998
An Adventurers Egypt set that contains 342 pieces, and 7 Minifigures, Pippin Reed, Dr. Kilroy, Pharaoh Hotep, Skeleton, Slyboots, Johnny Thunder, and Baron Von Barron.


5978-1 02 Sphynx Secret Surprise

The Sphinx has a secret compartment that Pharaoh Hotep hides inside, and can be accessed by an exploding door. The baseplate has a secret compartment that has snakes inside.



6034-1 Black Monarch's Ghost

Set # 6034-1: Black Monarch’s Ghost
Year 1990
A Black Knights set that contains a mounted knight with a horse, a small shack with a flag and opening doors that reveal a ghost, and a grey bird on a brick. This is one of the smallest sets of the Black Knights.


6035-1 Castle Guard

Set # 6035-1: Castle Guard
Year 1984
A Castle set that contains a small guard tent, a knight on a horse and a soldier. Also included are a shield, a lance, two spears, a sword and a flag.


6040-1 Blacksmith Shop

Set # 6040-1: Blacksmith Shop
Year 1984

A Castle set that includes a smithy with a blacksmith, a Crusaders guard, and a horse.


6061-1 Siege Tower

Set # 6061-1: Siege Tower
Year 1984
A Crusaders set which contains a wall segment, a siege tower, a knight on horseback, three guards, and a ladder.


6115-1 Shark Scout  Aquashark Dart

Set # 6115-1: Shark Scout / Aquashark Dart
Year 1995

An Aquazone set. It is the smallest Aquasharks vehicle, and contains an Aquashark minifigure.



Set # 6155-1: Deep Sea Predator / Aquashark Barracuda
Year 1995
One of the Aquasharks submarines which looks like a shark. It comes with an Aquashark, a crystal and a shark.


6242-1 Soldiers' Fort

Set # 6242-1: Soldiers’ Fort
Year 2009
A Pirates set that includes Captain Brickbeard, a Pirate, a Crocodile, the Governor, a Fish, a monkey and three Soldier minifigures. I purchased this 2nd hand from friend Victor Goh in KL.


Escape the fort and steal the gold!
They say no pirate has ever escaped from the soldiers’ fortress prison, but if he can get the key away from the monkey guard, this one plans to try! Is the pirate captain coming to lend a hand, or is he just after the treasure chest? If the soldiers catch him, he won’t get away with either!

  • Crank the winch to hook the treasure chest, fire the pull-action cannon, or play inside the stockade!
  • Includes 2 pirates, 4 soldiers, row boat, fish, monkey and crocodile!
  • Fortress measures 12″ (30 cm) long and 7″ (17cm) high!


6243-1 Brickbeard's Bounty

Set # 6243-1: Brickbeard’s Bounty
Year 2009
A Pirates set that contains a pirate ship, a rowboat, Captain Brickbeard, three pirates, the Admiral’s Daughter, Imperial Soldiers, and a Mermaid (the bowsprit decoration). It also included a monkey, a parrot and a shark. Another purchase from Victor Goh.


Sail the seas for plunder and adventure! Avast, me hearties! With firing cannons and a mermaid on the prow, the famous pirate ship Brickbeard’s Bounty is sailing the Seven Seas in search of adventure and gold. Will the pirates make the Admiral’s daughter walk the plank into shark-filled waters, or will the soldiers rescue her and capture the pirates’ treasure?

The action never stops with 3 pull-action cannons, removable captains quarters, walk the plank feature and more! Includes 4 pirates, 2 soldier’s, Admiral’s daughter, monkey, shark and mermaid! Ship measures 22″ (56cm) long and over 17″ (44cm) tall!


6244-1 Armada Sentry

Set # 6244-1: Armada Sentry
Year 1996
A Pirates set that contains an Imperial Armada guard shack with a jetty, a rowing boat and one soldier. The guard post is equipped with a little crane. There is also a barrel filled with four gold coins.


6432-1 Speedway Transport

Set # 6432-1: Speedway Transport
Year 1999
A City Center set that contains 132 pieces, including two Minifigures. It contains 2 race cars and a flatbed truck. I only have the truck in the set.


6716-1 Weapons Wagon

Set # 6716-1: Weapons Wagon
Year 1996

A Western Set with lots of hiding places for weapons in the wagon and a cloth tent and cannon.



Set # 6755-1: Sheriff’s Lock-up
Year: 1996

Set is in excellent condition with only a few mini-fig pieces missing.


6761-1 Bandits' Secret Hideout

Set # 6761-1: Bandits’ Secret Hideout
Year 1996
A Western set that contains an abandoned gold mine, three horses, a cannon, a Cavalry Lieutenant and a Cavalry Soldier, and three Cowboys.


6771-1 Ogel Command Striker

Set # 6771-1: Ogel Command Striker
Year 2001

The Ogel Command Striker was the smallest of the original Alpha Team sets released in 2001.


7296-1 01 Dino 4WD Trapper

Set # 7296-1: Dino 4WD Trapper
Year 2005
A Dino 2010 set. This set included a Viper Minifigure and three mutant lizards, as well as a four wheel drive vehicle used to catch the lizards


7296-1 02 Dino 4WD Trapper






7311-1 Red Planet Cruiser

Set # 7311-1: Red Planet Cruiser
Year 2001
A Life on Mars themed set containing a martian, Altair. It is a moderately small set and contained seventy-three pieces. It also appears in the video game, LEGO Racers 2, on Mars as an obstacle in some races and challenges.


7423-1 Mountain Sleigh

Set # 7423-1: Mountain Sleigh
Year 2003

A small promotional Orient Expedition set.



Ride down Everest in the Mountain Sleigh!
Dr. Kilroy explores the Himalayas in his mountain sleigh, complete with adventuring gear!


7477-1 01 T1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex

Set # 7477-1: T1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex
Year 2005
A Dino Attack set that contains a dark red and tan helicopter with many weapons to defeat the T-Rex and the Pteranodon with.


7477-1 02 T1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex

The T-Rex has light up eyes and stands 10 inches (25 centimeteres) high. The Typhoon motors spin, and has dual cockpits and a working boom crane. The set includes four minifigures (Digger, Specs, Shadow and Viper), one T-Rex, and one Pteranodon.


The ultimate dinosaur can only be stopped by the ultimate machine! The T-1 Typhoon is equipped with an XL-4 Voltaic Launcher with firing action, a Plarxx Radar Ray, twin Quintronic Beam Emitters, twin Sonic Screamers, dual cockpits, working boom crane, and much more! Viper, Digger, Specs and Shadow fly the high-tech copter against the mighty T-Rex, with light-up eyes and mouth and real chomping action! This powerful dinosaur is more than a match for any machine, plus it has a savage pteranodon on its side. Includes Viper, Digger, Specs, Shadow, T-Rex and pteranodon figures. Ages 8+.


7621-1 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb

Set # 7621-1: Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb
Year 2008
Part of the LEGO Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark line. Included are Indiana Jones, Marion and a Skeleton minifigures.


Seeking the lost Ark of the Covenant, Indiana Jones and Marion have become trapped in a snake-infested tomb. With the torch burning low, Indy desperately tries to save Marion. Thinking quickly, he climbs the Anubis statue using his whip, topples the statue, and then rides it crashing down through the tomb wall to freedom.


7701-1 Grand Titan

Set # 7701-1: Grand Titan
Year 2006

A Exo-Force set. It includes one minifigure, Takeshi, and can be built into a red battle machine.


Ultimate battle machine!
The Grand Titan is the most powerful battle machine in EXO-FORCE. Heavily armored, it can take on any opponent and come out on top! Equipped with an electro-magnetic pulse pincer and a rotating laser cannon, it could mean the difference between victory and defeat for the humans!

  • Includes minifigure human pilot Takeshi!
  • Includes special light brick and energy tubing to make the Grand Titan “power up!”
  • Grand Titan stands over 7.5 inches (19cm) high!
  • Rebuild into the Titan Tracker or combine with #7700 Stealth Hunter to build a giant Battle Machine. See for building instructions and more building inspiration photos.
  • Takeshi’s head turns to change facial expressions!


7705-1 Gate Assault

Set # 7705-1: Gate Assault
Year 2006

An Exo-Force set. It includes five minifigures, namely three Iron Drones, Ha-Ya-To and a Tank Gunner.



Hold the robots at the gate!
Can the humans prevail against the robots and stop them from taking the First Gate? With skill, cunning and powerful weapons on their side, the humans and their micro-Battle Machine make a powerful defense against the robots’ micro-Battle Machine and Attack Tank!

  • Includes 2 human pilot minifigures and 2 Devastator robot pilot minifigures!
  • Human minifigures have heads that turn to change facial expressions!
  • Gate measures over 11 inches (28cm) wide!
  • Open the gate to activate the cannon!
  • Robot Attack Tank is over 6 inches (15cm) wide and has massive 1.5 inch (4cm) tires!
  • Rebuild the Gate Assault into a robot Blockade Bulldozer and human Swift Plane for more exciting battles. See for building instructions and more building inspiration photos.


8100-1 Cyclone Defender

Set # 8100-1: Cyclone Defender
Year 2007
An Exo-Force set that includes 92 pieces and a minifigure, Ryo. Turning the gears will cause the shield to spin.


8130-1 Terrain Crusher

Set # 8130-1: Terrain Crusher
Year 2007

A Racers set which is a part of the Tiny Turbos line. The set includes a red miniature racer.


8149-1 Midnight Streak

Set # 8149-1: Midnight Streak
Year 2008
A Racers set released as part of the Tiny Turbos line. It contains the Midnight Streak, a miniature white car with glow-in-the-dark headlights.


8301-1 Urban Enforcer

Set # 8301-1: Urban Enforcer
Year 2011

A Racers Tiny Turbo set that contains 45 pieces to construct a police car.


8303-1 Demon Destroyer

Set # 8303-1: Demon Destroyer
Year 2011

A Racers Tiny Turbos set.



8304-1 Smokin' Slickster

Set # 8304-1: Smokin’ Slickster
Year 2011

A Racers Tiny Turbos set that contains an orange racecar, which contained 44 pieces.


8380-1 Red Maniac

Set # 8380-1: Red Maniac
Year 2004
A Drome Racers set. It includes 83 pieces. These pieces are used to build a race car that is powered by a pullback motor.


The fastest thing on wheels! Faster than a lightning bolt, the Red Maniac burns rubber off the starting line and doesn’t stop until the race is won. Combine it with 8384 Jungle Crasher to build a twin engined, eight wheeled racer with more power than anything on the track! Includes powerful pull-back motor!


8468-1 Power Crusher

Set # 8468-1: Power Crusher
Year 2002

A Racers set, that includes 92 pieces, making up a black and orange racer.


8644-1 Street Maniac

Set # 8644-1: Street Maniac
Year 2005

A Racers set which is a part of the Tiny Turbos line, and features a yellow sports car.


8648-1 Buzz Saw

Set # 8648-1: Buzz Saw
Year 2005
A Power Racers-themed set. The Buzz Saw vehicle has two front-mounted circular metallic silver sawblades, and glow-in-the-dark wheel disks that fit into the wheel hubs. A pull-back motor propels the vehicle.


8671-1 Ferrari F430 Spider 117

Set # 8671-1: Ferrari F430 Spider 1:17
Year 2006
Part of the Racers Ferrari line and contains 559 pieces. It is mostly red, but inside contains some black and orange.


8681-1 01 Tuner Garage

Set # 8681-1: Tuner Garage
Year 2006

A Tiny Turbos set released as part of the Racers theme. This kit is a lot of fun to play with.


8681-1 02 Tuner Garage

Tune up your Tiny Turbos!
Use the tools and labels at the tuner garage to make your racer flashier and faster, then test out your new ride with a slammer powered race! Get ready, get set, and slam your racer into full speed with the garage’s working ramp and 2 slammers.


8956-1 Stone Chopper

Set # 8956-1: Stone Chopper
Year 2009
The LEGO Power Miners line (it was numbered 1st of the sets in the series). It includes Duke and a Meltrox rock monster Minifigures.


9443 Rattlecopter

Set # 9443 Rattlecopter
Year 2011
A purchase from Japan. A Ninjago set that includes Kai ZX with a fire-powered jetpack, Lloyd Garmadon, Fang-Suei, 2 white snakes, and a giant Fangpyre serpentine helicopter.


9591 Weapon Pack

Set # 9591 Weapon Pack
Year 2012
The set includes Kai (NRG) and Chokun, two spinners, and two spinner crowns. Ten weapons are also included.


30161 Batmobile

Set # 30161: Batmobile
Year 2012

A DC Universe Super Heroes promotional polybag set.



30190 Ferrari 150 Italia

Set # 30190: Ferrari 150 Italia
Year 2012
A Ferrari promotional polybag set that was released in Malaysia to coincide with opening of Legoland Malaysia.


30191 Scuderia Ferrari Truck

Set # 30191: Scuderia Ferrari Truck
Year 2012
A Ferrari promotional polybag set that was released in Malaysia to coincide with opening of Legoland Malaysia.


30192 F40

Set # 30192: Ferrari F40
Year 2012
A Ferrari promotional polybag set that was released in Malaysia to coincide with opening of Legoland Malaysia.



30194 458 Italia

Set # 30194: 458 Italia
Year 2012
A Ferrari promotional polybag set that was released in Malaysia to coincide with opening of Legoland Malaysia.


30195 FXX

Set # 30195: Ferrari FXX
Year 2012
A Ferrari promotional polybag set that was released in Malaysia to coincide with opening of Legoland Malaysia.



30230 Mini Mech

Set # 30230: Mini Mech
Year 2013
A Galaxy Squad polybag set. The set includes the Galaxy Squad Orange Team member, Jack Fireblade, and a small mech, with four legs.


30260 Lone Ranger's Pump Car

Set # 30260: Lone Ranger’s Pump Car
Year 2013

A set in the theme The Lone Ranger.



41017 Squirrel's Tree House

Set # 41017: Squirrel’s Tree House
Year 2013

A Friends set –



41019 Turtle's Little Oasis

Set # 41019: Turtle’s Little Oasis
Year 2013

A Friends set –



41152-1 01 Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale Castle

Set # 41152: Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle
Year 2017

A Disney Princess set.  Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle is easy to build and perfect for playing out favourite moments from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. There’s a bedroom, spinning wheel, vanity and a special birthday cake. Maleficent’s lair adds drama and excitement to the role-play action.


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