LEGO System–Town

Town was one of the LEGO Group’s core themes. Based on town life, it included sets such as emergency services and civilian sets such as cars.

Town was introduced as a theme in 1978, when the first minifigures were released. Before this time, there have already been several LEGO sets that were centred around present day town life. These, were part of the LEGOLAND and Town Plan themes.


Set # 361-2: Garage
Year 1979

Contains 78 pieces and includes a mechanic minifigure and a garage.



Set # 542-1: Street Crew
Year 1979

A Town set that contains 47 pieces, including two Minifigures.



Set # 600-2: Police car
Year 1978
This is a Lego classic however I do not think I had this set as a kid. Instead have pieced together with spares. Incorrect minifig shirt which I need to chase down.


607-1 Dumper

Set # 607-1: Dumper
Year 1979

A Town set. It is a small front end loader.




Set # 608-2: Taxi
Year 1979
A Town set. Although the set includes a Minifigure, the Taxi is not to Minifigure scale-something which is a common feature among earlier Town sets.



Set # 621-1: Police Car
Year 1978

Complete set. Front grill is two white plates 1 x 4 with a sticker – still intact.



Set # 622-1: Tipper Truck
Year 1978

A Town set. It contains a yellow dump-truck and a street sign.



Set # 623-1: Medic’s Car
Year 1978

Complete set pieced together from spares.




Set # 642-1: Tow truck and car
Year 1978

A Town Set obtained from parts out of Bulk Lego purchases.



Set # 644-2: Police mobile patrol
Year 1978

A Town set with classic brick built car and bike.



645-1 Police helicopter

Set # 645-1: Police Helicopter
Year 1979

A Town themed set that contains a police helicopter and a police officer.



Set # 671-1: Shell Tanker
Year 1978

A semitrailer tank truck with a driver.




Set # 673-1: Rally Repair Crew
Year 1978
A Town set that includes 65 pieces to construct a car, a police motorcycle, a parking sign plus Police and citizen minifigures.



Set # 1181-1: Spacecraft
Year 1999

A Space Port set tat is made up of twenty-three pieces which create a small spacecraft and one minifigure.



Set # 1190-1: Retro Buggy
Year 1999
A LEGO Promotional Extreme Team set packaged with Kabaya sweets. It contains a green and yellow buggy, along with a racer



Set # 1265-1: Moon Buggy
Year 1999
A Space Port set that set contains 25 pieces to assemble a small white moon buggy and one Astronaut minifigure.


1282-1 Turbo Racer

Set # 1282-1: Turbo Racer
Year 2000
A Promotional Kabaya set released as part of the Race sub-theme of Town. It contains a blue racer and Barney, its driver.



Set # 1284-1: Green Buggy
Year 2000
A Kabaya Promotional set released as part of the Race subtheme of Town. It contained 23 pieces, including one female race minifigure, with a crocodile printed on her torso.



Set # 1470-1: SHELL Promotional Set
Year 1986

A Town themed set. The design of this gas station consists of two simple gas pumps and a roof.



Set # 1606-1: Car
Year 1987

A Town Promotional Set.




Set # 1632-1: Speed Boat
Year 1990

Pieced together from spares this piece has an engine big enough to ski behind.



Set # 1633-1: Front-End Loader
Year 1990

Although this set is minifig scale, none were included when the set was released.


2535-1 SHELL Promotional Set Race Car

Set # 2535-1: SHELL Promotional Set: Race Car
Year 1998

A Race Shell Promotional set that contained a small car and 1 Minifigure.




Set # 2536-1: Water Jet
Year 1998
A Divers set that contains a small jetski and 1 Female Diver. It is a Shell promotional set. The diver has a scuba tank and a pair of goggles, and holds a yellow harpoon.



Set # 2880-1: Open-Top Jeep
Year 1997
A Town set released that includes a small, red and white jeep. No minifigures are included, despite that the driver’s seat is large enough to fit one.


2886 Formula 1 Racing Car

Set #2886: Formula 1 Racing Car
Year 1997

A Town set released as part of the Race line. The set includes a small black racer.



6342-1 Beach Rescue Chopper

Set # 6342-1: Beach Rescue Chopper
Year 1993
A Flight set that contains an amphibious rescue helicopter with pontoons, a small sailing catamaran and three minifigures, including the skipper of the boat and the crew of the chopper.



Set # 6357-1: Stunt ‘Copter N’ Truck
Year 1988
A Town set that contained a semitrailer truck with driver and a helicopter with pilot. The copter is removable, and includes rotating wings and controls.



Set # 6359-1: Horse Trailer
Year 1986

This was one of only a few Town sets that involved equestrian sports. Horse can be loaded into the trailer.



Set # 6364-1: Paramedic Unit
Year 1980
A Town themed set that contains a doctor’s office, a car, a medic and one other minifig. The doctor’s office contains a room with a desk and an examination table.



Set # 6378-1: Service Station
Year 1986
A Town themed set that contains a Shell petrol station, a small tow truck and two employees. I am missing the small tow truck.



Set # 6381-1: Motor Speedway
Year 1987
A Race set that contains the start/finish line of a Formula 1 circuit with accompanying support facilities, a camera stand, two race cars and five minifigures, including two pilots and a mechanic.



Set # 6436-1: Go-Kart
Year 1999
A Town City Center set that includes one racer minifigure and a small Go-Kart. The Go-Kart has four rubber wheels and a mostly black design.


6502-1 Turbo Racer

Set # 6502-1: Turbo Racer
Year 1987

A Town themed set that includes a small red and blue car, with one race car driver minifigure.



6503-1 Sprint Racer

Set # 6503-1: Sprint Racer
Year 1988
A LEGO Town set. It contains a Formula 1 race car with pilot. It is sponsored by Shell as seen by the stickers.



Set # 6504-1: Tractor
Year 1988

A Town set. At a small 25 pieces, the set is a small tractor and a farmer with red overalls.


6505-1 Fire Chief's Car

Set # 6505-1: Fire Chief’s Car
Year 1988

A Town themed set that contains a small fire car and a fireman.



6506-1 Precinct Cruiser

Set # 6506-1: Precinct Cruiser
Year 1989

A Town set that contains twenty-five pieces to build a police car and a Police Officer.



6508-1 Wave Racer

Set # 6508-1: Wave Racer
Year 1990
The airboat is a unique design that never appeared again and no other contemporary sets featured similar racing airboats.




Set # 6521-1: Emergency Repair Truck
Year 1987

The car comes with one figure, a hammer, and a wrench.



Set # 6522-1: Highway Patrol
Year 1987

A Town themed set that includes two motorbikes, two policemen minifigures, and a phone booth.


6528-1 Sand Storm Racer

Set # 6528-1: Sand Storm Racer
Year 1989
A Town set released as part of the Race line. The set includes 33 pieces that build up a sand storm race car and a minifigure. The set has suspension on both front and rear wheels.



Set # 6532-1: Diesel Dumper
Year 1991
A Town Construction Works set that contains 46 pieces to construct a small dump truck and one construction worker minifigure.



Set # 6534-1: Beach Bandit
Year 1992

The surfboard and its sail can be stored on the buggy. The buggy has a cool rear suspension system.


6538-1 Rebel Roadster

Set # 6538-1: Rebel Roadster
Year 1994
A Town set released as part of the Race line. It consists of a red and black car with an old-time style race look. Included is one minifigure with a white cap.




Set # 6594-1: Gas Transit
Year 1992
A Town set that contains an Octan tank truck and a minifigure. The semitrailer has a hose at the right and a control device at the left.



Set # 6604-1: Formula-I Racer
Year 1985

A Town set released that is part of the Race line. It contains 31 pieces including one minifigure.



Set # 6607-1: Service Truck
Year 1982

Pieced together from spares. All there except push broom which I am sourcing.



Set # 6610-1: Gas Pumps
Year 1981

A Town themed set with 29 pieces and contains two Shell gas pumps and a female minifigure.


6623 Police Car

Set # 6623: Police Car
Year 1983
A Town set. It contains a police car with blue lights on top, yellow headlights, and doors that read ‘police’ on each side. Also included is a police officer minifigure.



6630-1 Bucket Loader

Set # 6630-1: Bucket Loader
Year 1981
A Town set that contains a small bucket loader with a steering wheel, roll bar, light and movable scoop, and one Minifigure with a shovel and a spanner.




Set # 6633-1: Family Car
Year 1985

Part of Lego Town that I picked up through a bulk Lego purchase. Roof flips open.



Set # 6643-1: Fire Chief’s Truck
Year 1988

A Town Fire set that contains a small truck and a fireman.



Set # 6644-1: Road Rebel
Year 1990

A Town set that has three parts, the trailer, the car, and the motorbike.



Set # 6654-1: Motorcycle Transport
Year 1983

This set is very cool as minfig can sit in the vehicle or ride the bike.



Set # 6655-1: Auto & Tire Repair
Year 1984

A Town Set with jack system and I love the how the bonnet folds forward.


6656-1 Tow Truck

Set # 6656-1: Tow Truck
Year 1985
A Town set. It contains a blue truck with red towing hook and a Mechanic with several tools. The tools included are a Hammer and Spanner.


6665-1 River Runners_thumb

Set # 6665-1: River Runners
Year 1994
A Town set that contains a rafting boat and three minifigures. The boat has an outboard motor and carries various pieces of equipment, such as an axe, a pickaxe and a shovel.



Set # 6676-1: Mobile Command Unit
Year 1986
The interior of the truck (accessed by tilting up the roof and the right sidewall) fetures a city plan and a computer screen.



Set # 6678-1: Pneumatic Crane
Year 1980
A Town set that contains a mobile crane with a grabber attachment and a construction worker. This set is one of the smallest cranes, but is one of the largest Town sets under the LEGOLAND banner sets.



Set # 6682-1: Cement Mixer
Year 1985
A Town set that contains a cement mixer with a rotatable cement drum and a driver. The whole back section of the truck can be tipped.


6687-1 Turbo Prop I

Set # 6687-1: Turbo Prop I
Year 1987

A Town Flight set that contains two minifigures, one signalling the plane, the other one in the plane.



Set # 6691-1: Red Cross Helicopter
Year 1981
A Town set that contains a rescue helicopter, a stretcher and two medics. This was the first minifigure compatible rescue helicopter.


6714-1 Speed Dragster

Set # 6714-1: Speed Dragster
Year 2000

A Town set released as part of the Race line. The set includes a long dragster car and one racer minifigure.


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