Flagstaff Green – Works Commence

September 2017 and work has commenced on Flagstaff Green with the demolition of the original building. 

It will be exciting for us to watch the building go up over the next 18 months. As you can see Kerrie is already transitioning to inner city life by getting her Scooter license…that is her dressed as the Scooter Martian in the photo.

20170901i7 04 Work Commencing on Flagstaff Green Apartment

20170901i7 05 Work Commencing on Flagstaff Green Apartment20170901i7 01 Work Commencing on Flagstaff Green Apartment

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Emily’s Year 11 MLC Formal

A long overdue post is some pictures of Emily’s Year 11 MLC Formal which was held over a month ago.  The dress selection went on for many months with shopping in England and Australia.  Much angst leading up to what in the end I think was relatively relaxed night.

20170826 Em 02 Year 11 Formal - MLC

20170826 Em 01 Year 11 Formal - MLC

20170826 Em 03 Year 11 Formal - MLC

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U18 Girls Grand Finalists–Diamond Valley Basketball

Two Saturdays;s ago Em’s U18 Basketball Team – The Cougars – won their grand final for the winter basketball season in the Diamond Valley League in Melbourne.  It was a big win being 41 to 16, which was a relief for them after their much closer and hotly contested preliminary final the week earlier.

20170916i7 02 Em BBall Final - U18 Cougars

Em had a good game and was rewarded with the MVP for her team for the season.

20170916i7 01 Em BBall Final - U18 Cougars20170916i7 03 Em BBall Final - U18 Cougars

She now moves up to U21 for the summer season and so ends our Junior and Senior years of basketball.

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Bukit Puchong – KL Trail Running

Last weekend I found this gem set of trails being those in and around Bukit Puchong.  The reason I say a gem is because there is about 6km of trails that are perfect for trail running and practise as they are steep enough to be technical but not steep enough that you cannot run.

20170910i7 14 Puchong Hill20170910i7 12 Puchong Hill

As it is in the middle of Puchong it is very busy.  My 8:00am start saw me parking a good half a kilometre down the road. However the trails are generally wide enough that I had no trouble passing people as I was running.


The trail starts next to Persiaran Bukit, which is located on the Bandar Puchong side. This is important because my GPS took me to the other side first up (where Alice Smith School is) and there is no access from there.


This was one of the friendliest runs I have done with almost everyone saying good morning. So it was a constant stream of GiDay’s from me as I did the trail loop.

20170910i7 03 Puchong Hill20170910i7 04 Puchong Hill20170910i7 09 Puchong Hill

There are not many views as it is all jungled in. But families wanting to hike with kids it is easier than most trails and very safe.

20170910i7 16 Puchong Hill20170910i7 17 Puchong Hill20170910i7 18 Puchong Hill

Tomorrow I am going to hit the FRIM to clock up some distance…but will definitely be back to Bukit Puchong to get the legs used to hill running.

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Bukit Saga – KL Trail Running

A few weekends ago I kicked off my campaign to get back into trail running with a Sunday morning run up and down Bukit Saga.

20170813i7 50 Collage - Bukit Saga Trail Run

Only 20 minutes out from KLCC at Ampang this is a moderate 7 km hike (if you include the waterfall) as it does get steep on the way up and down but once at the top it is relatively flat with a long ridge between peaks to run and get up some pace.

20170813i7 00 Bukit Saga Trail Run

This is a popular area but the steepness keeps people spread out as they rest and so easy to overtake and it is not that busy that you do not get moments of peacefulness to stop and enjoy nature.

20170813i7 01 View of Ampang - Bukit Saga Trail Run20170813i7 49 Ampang View - Bukit Saga Trail Run

The hike from Ampang takes you up to the first peak being Bukit Saga from which you take a 1 to 2 km hike down to the waterfall.

20170813i7 07 Saga Peak - Bukit Saga Trail Run20170813i7 10 Saga Peak - Bukit Saga Trail Run

20170813i7 21 Waterfall - Bukit Saga Trail Run20170813i7 23 Waterfall - Bukit Saga Trail Run

The walk back up from the waterfall to the second peak is steep but once you reach the second peak you have a nice gentle run between this and Bukit Saga. At the top of the second peak was a number of surprises…someone selling fresh cold pressed juice…a tree house to explore…and a mini weight circuit!!!

20170813i7 35 Second Peak - Bukit Saga Trail Run20170813i7 36 Second Peak - Bukit Saga Trail Run

20170813i7 37 Second Peak - Bukit Saga Trail Run20170813i7 39 Second Peak - Bukit Saga Trail Run

Given its close proximity and its good balance of a steep climb with nice run along the top this will definitely be a baseline for me to build up my trail running skill and fitness.

20170813i7 28 Walk along Ridge - Bukit Saga Trail Run

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ASEAN@50 Commemorative Dinner

I had the pleasure last Friday night as a guest of ZICO Holdings to attend the ASEAN@50 Commemorative Dinner at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.  This dinner was part of a number of events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ASEAN community and its member nations.

The night was a chance for me to also wear Malaysia’s National Dress being the baju melayu with songket samping (the cloth wrap that is worn around the waste and legs).  This is worn mainly during Hari Raja but also classifies as formal dress for black tie events. 

20170804I7 02 ASEAN 50th Dinner - Majestic Hotel20170804I7 04 ASEAN 50th Dinner - Majestic Hotel

What was funny was that most of the locals were in Tuxedo while I, as a foreigner, was in the baju melayu.  It always goes down well to wear the baju melayu as a foreigner and it is not considered disrespectful, in fact the opposite. The locals tend to wear a Tuxedo because they do not get the chance to often wear one.

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YOLO 10km – Kuala Lumpur

An early rise today for the 7:15am start of the YOLO Run in Kuala Lumpur. This is the first time the run has been held in Kuala Lumpur and it raises money for Make A Wish @ Malaysia.

I ran the 10km at a steady 5:30 min/km pace and so finished in 55:31.  A fairly flat course and now I have this as a baseline I can start to focus on running faster.

20170806I7 05 YOLO 10km - KL20170806I7 04 YOLO 10km - KL


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