Kitty Fishers

Kitty Fishers, at the heart of Mayfair’s historic Shepherd Market, is named after the infamous 18th Century courtesan and provided us with an outstanding late lunch after a long morning exploring. The place looks like it is endlessly packed and so booking is recommended.

The service here is outstanding as the staff are warm and friendly and up for a good talk. The coffee was also rarely good for UK.

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Fabrique Bakeries

Fabrique Bakeries are a chain of bakeries in London that are stone oven bakeries from Stockholm, Sweden.  They bake by hand and produce some outstanding artisanal breads. We visited the bakery in Portobello Road for morning tea after a pleasant stroll through the Portobello Road Markets.

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El Pirata Tapas

El Pirata Tapas of Mayfair has completely blew us away – the atmosphere, the service and the quality of Tapas.  I guess it is Mayfair and so expectations should be high but this place was a nice surprise.  Bookings are definitely needed as every time we walked past the place was packed but once again we were lucky to be squeezed in.

El Pirata has a great selection of wines and so it is a place to order a bottle, sit back and graze through the night.

20160623C 24 El Pirata Tapas Bar - London_thumb[5]20160623C 21 El Pirata Tapas Bar - London_thumb[5]

20160623C 20 El Pirata Tapas Bar - London_thumb[5]