Portobello Road Market

A walk down Portobello Road and its famous Market in the Notting Hill District of London was a lovely way for Kerrie and I to spend a Friday morning. 


I have never been but have long wanted to stroll this area given its setting for the 1999 film Notting Hill, one of my favorite films, and the Dire Straits song “Portobello Belle” on the Communiqué Album.

As a side, Notting Hill is one of my favorite films as it was the first DVD Kerrie and I had purchased. Kerrie was pregnant with Emily and I would push a lounge chair across the floor of our Ivanhoe House to the computer (our only device with a DVD) for her so we could watch it together at night.


The market runs for almost the entire length of Portobello Road, some 2 miles, and is a mixture of Antique Shops, fresh-food stalls, second hand clothes and bric-a-brac.

We were there from around 10am on a Friday and so it was not busy but it was starting to pick up as we were leaving around lunch time.


To get there we caught a London Bus to Notting Hill Station from which it was a 5 minute walk to Portobello Road. To return he hired a Boris Bike just at the start of the Market and enjoyed a lovely ride back through Hyde Park.  The bike was a lot of fun as it is free if your ride is within half an hour and so we changed bikes in Hyde Park before carrying onto Buckingham Palace and The Mall for the afternoon.


You need to allow a few hours to enjoy Portobello Road and the Market. There are many cafes to stop for coffee,tea and cake.