Emily Video

Video for each year of Emily’s life cut to the #1 ARIA Single at the time of her birthday for that year.

Age 0 (2000 – 2001)

This is the first instalment for Emily and follows her from birth to her first birthday. The #1 Single at the time of her birth was “Music” by Madonna from the album of the same name. Unfortunately Madonna copywriting policy prevents the sound playing on You Tube even though I acknowledge her content and am not making any profit out of this.

The video starts with Molly holding Emily for the first time at hospital. Of course being 3 at the time means that Molly is also on show throughout these early videos of Em.

You see throughout the video Em getting stronger and stronger, moving and kicking more, lifting her head, sitting up and constantly clapping and then eventually crawling.

A minute and a half in you see Em wrapped tightly in her blanket in her cot. We wrapped her up like this often as it got her off to sleep. Otherwise, like she does now, she kicks and wriggles and takes up the entire bed.

Her favourite toy you see a few times which was a mat that she sat in and at one end there was things that whizzed around and made music and noise.

The Yellow High Chair makes an appearance. This was a cheap as wooden high chair that we found at the back of dad’s furniture shop that we painted up…eventually this most basic of high chairs lived through Molly, Emily and my godson Frank.


Age 1 (2001 to 2002)

This is the second instalment for Emily and follows her at the age of one through to her second birthday. The #1 Single when she turned one was “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue from the “Fever” album.

The video starts with Emily walking for the first time. We were staying with Jean and Mark Eame’s in Singleton, NSW.

It then proceeds to a shot of her with her Jidu (Arabic for Grand Father) at her God Mother’s wedding. Followed by several shots from an apartment we were staying at for a few months in Sydney while I was working on a project here.

Christmas is next with her Great Grandmother in the background and her Nana nursing her in the next shot.

The orange outfit was in a hotel room to escape the relentless heat after a hot summer week camping at Fraser Island post Christmas.

Em loved her Cubby House and she spent a lot of time playing. It was handy that at our Ivanhoe House it was on the deck right outside the back door. 

Ivanhoe was a great house for when both Em and Molly were young as I had built a 6 foot high fence across the front so they could run around and play in the entire yard – as the next few shots show.

Easter Egg Hunting was in her English Grand Parents house at Ormskirk. This was her first trip overseas at 18 months.

The Doll House was one I made for Moo for her birthday but it got more use by Em. It eventually went into the Garage Auction when we left Canberra for Kuala Lumpur a few years later.


Age 2 (2002 to 2003)

This is the third instalment for Emily and follows her at the age of two through to her third birthday. The #1 Single when she turned two was “The Logical Song” by Scooter from the “Push the Beat for This Jam (The Second Chapter)” album. A bit of a techno song so a bit different than usual for the background music.

We were still living at Ivanhoe while Emily was two and so the entire movie is mainly shots of Em doing things around Ivanhoe – dancing, running, playing, reading etc.

Much of it shows Em stubbornness as she insists on doing things herself and also her runny nose appears often. This video took some editing to remove the shots from almost every video of Molly trying to get the attention.

The second scene shows Em asleep in bed but as it pans in you see their huge hammock of teddies which I had hung from the roof. Being the first two grandchildren on my side of the family meant they were not short of things to cuddle.

There is an early classic scene of Em running through the sprinklers in the front yard with Moo. I had built a 6 foot high fence across the front off Ivanhoe and so they had the whole block to play on…they were always out playing on the front lawn.

Em pushing the chair up to the Christmas tree to put the Angle on top is a split scene with me then lifting her up to the top of the Christmas tree…reason it is split is I had to cut out the scene in between of Moo rushing up the stool to put the Angle on herself!!!

Em was never short of a mumbled word…there is a long scene with her talking about what she is going to draw rather than actually drawing…seems a bit like her approach to homework in later years.

One of my favourite shots of her is 3:10 into the video where she is strolling along the Yarra sidewalk with hands in pockets talking to herself. It really shows the personality she had at that time.

One of the final scenes is her reading to her stuffed toys…she did this a lot over the next few years.

The final scene was Em and me running to catch the Orangutans at Melbourne Zoo and Em struggling to keep her pants up.

Her Birthday Cake that year was a PIG and we are singing happy birthday on the front veranda of Ivanhoe.


Age 3 (2003 – 2004)

This is the fourth instalment for Emily and follows her at the age of three through to her fourth birthday. The #1 Single when she turned three was “Not Me, Not I” by Delta Goodrem from her “Innocent Eyes” album. Unfortunately due to copyright the version of the video I have uploaded does not have Delta’s single playing, instead I have kept the original video sound in place.

The video has a number of scenes where Emily is dancing.  This was common for both Emily and Molly to dance at night and while playing. Emily would often go into her own little world while dancing.

Bobbing for apples was at Halloween time and these early scenes were with the Evans family who were on holiday from Sheffield, England.

A sad farewell to Sarchee, our dog who was very ill, precedes a number of Christmas scenes both at our Ivanhoe home with the Hobson family and then at mum and dad’s in Albury.

Our Christmas vacation that year was at Sea World and one of Emily’s famous tantrums is in the video.  This one was over a ride at Sea World.

There is a small scene from my sisters wedding where Emily was a flower girl and then two scenes of her at the end playing the piano including her first public concert.


Age 4 (2004 – 2005)

This is the fifth instalment for Emily and follows her at the age of four through to her fifth birthday. The #1 Single when she turned four was “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 from her “Songs About Jane” album. Unfortunately due to copyright the version of the video I have uploaded does not have the single playing, instead I have kept the original video sound in place.

At this age Em had a fantastic imagination and often went into her own little world for periods at a time.  This is how the video kicks off with Em on an imaginary phone having a conversation with an imaginary friend. In fact this snippet is from a 20 minute video of Em being a school teacher to a whole imaginary class in the living room of the house we had in Curtin, Canberra.

After some summer shots of Em putting the angel on the Christmas tree, staring as Mary in the Nativity Play and then showing her unique swimming style we end up with seeing an excited Em jumping up an down as she is off to kinder and Molly to school for 2005.

A few more scenes of her playing and then the start of a typical Em tantrum while jumping on the trampoline with Molly.  I cut this before it got into full swing.

Easter in 2005 was with the Glassocks as they visited us in Canberra. Then to feeding the goats at Dream World on the Gold Coast. This was a fun week away with my mum and dad as we all went to Brisbane for Frank Hobson’s christening.  Some great video and memories with mum and dad around Dream World.

The following scenes were from our summer holiday (winter in Australia) in the UK and France.  Frist to see Kerrie’s parents and second for a classic road / camping tour around France.  Cooling our feet in Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park, singing in Concarneau, playing at a campsite in Loire Valley to eventually the excitement of our first trip to Disney.  We finish off with an over excited Em in a playground in Paris and then brushing her Build-a-Bear.

For her birthday party we had moved into our new house in Heysen Street, Weston, Canberra and so she was out on the back deck with her friends to blow out her candles.


Age 5 (2005 – 2006)

This is the sixth instalment for Emily and follows her at the age of five through to her sixth birthday. The #1 Single when she turned four was “Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls from her “PCD” album. Unfortunately due to copyright the version of the video I have uploaded does not have the single playing, instead I have kept the original video sound in place.

We were well settled into Heysen Street in Canberra by this time and so much of the video is Em playing in and around the house or doing different activities in Canberra.  Her imagination is mainly on show as she role plays, dances and plays games.

Her Baby Born Pram is on show early. She received this from her Nana for Christmas and it gave many years of enjoyment.

Many family friends make appearances with Frank, the Glassocks, the Finley’s, her godmother Jane taking her for a pony ride and her uncle Cookie helping her learn to ride a bicycle.

Her sporting career also started with her first season on Minkey Hockey and her roller blading.

From memory she did not have a big party that year just the Ice Cream Cake as mum and dad’s.


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