Molly Video

Video for each year of Molly’s life cut to different Beatles singles.

Age 0 (1997-1998)

This first instalment is from Christmas 1997 to her 1st Birthday in 1998. Given the welcome chaos that came to Kerrie and myself with the birth of Molly I have aptly cut this to “Revolution1” from the White Album

It starts with scenes from Aud and Bill’s (Grandparents) place in Ormskirk, England, including her first Christmas there. A quick camping shot then switches to scenes from our first house in Eltham, Melbourne. A few shots with Sarchee, our beautiful Husky, who was a great companion for Molly. Sarchee used to put up with hair pulling and lots of rough play from Molly, plus Molly stealing her dog biscuits (see video).  Following the scene in the sandpit, there is video of Molly’s first crawl and then some typical play time.

It finishes with her first Birthday which was with family and friends in our Eltham house. Poor Molly was ill for her birthday with a cold but she still managed a smile.



Age 1 (1998-1999)

This second instalment is Molly aged 1 and is cut to “Here Comes The Sun” from The Beatles Abbey Road album.

There are lots of shots of our first house in Eltham and some shots with Sarchee our lovely Husky. You will see a number of shots of Molly while camping.  Mid way through you get a glimpse of Molly on her 3 wheel push trike.  You also see Moo’s Place which was the cubby house her grandparents bought for her and which we had subsequently taken to four different houses as she grew up.

Molly was very talkative, as you can see, and also was a good eater.  Emily’s comment upon seeing the video was to ask “Why Molly was always eating?”



Age 2 (1999-2000)

This third instalment is Molly age 2 and is cut to “Twist and Shout” from The Beatles Please Please Me album.

In this instalment we have a very talkative Molly, albeit one that does not make a lot of sense.  She had a great way at laughing at herself which you will see a few times, especially at the start.

As in all her early years there are camping scenes including one from a big trip we did down the Border Track of Victoria and South Australia and then onto Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

The second scene you see Molly on her trike – she loved this as we went for long walks in Eltham with Sarchee and Molly on her Trike. I would put a dog lead on her Trike and pull her along.

Her favourite teddy / doll makes a number of appearances – her name was Gladdys and was given to her by the Khoo Family when she was born.

This year of Molly’s life was also our move from Eltham to our house in Langs Road, Ivanhoe, Melbourne.  There are scenes from our Langs Road house prior to later renovation.

She was also a flower girl that year in my sisters (Sharon) wedding. The final Birthday Scene was at her Child Care in Ivanhoe.



Age 3 (2000-2001)

This fourth instalment is Molly age 3 and is cut to “All You Need Is Love” from The Beatles Yellow Submarine album.

The song for this instalment is aptly named as Molly’s sister Emily makes her appearance. As such many of the scenes are Molly as a 3 year old smothering her new born sister with love – something less common now they are teenagers.

Many of Moo’s toys can be seen throughout the house including Winnie The Pooh which would connect to our PC and sing her songs and speak to her.

At 3 she learned to ride a bike (still with training wheels) and also her scooter which she got for Christmas.

Many of the scenes have stages of our massive renovation of our house at Ivanhoe – we do wish we had not sold it as it has now been knocked down and replaced with a new house which we were surprised given the quality of our renovation.

Godparents Clark and Ezna make an appearance – not sure they will thank me for this as we were camping Smile

The Tigger PJ’s also make an appearance – these have made it through nearly all of the cousins.  Plus her Kerrie made “Dorothy the Dinosaur” dress sneaks in.

Molly reading to Em in their new bunks beds is sweet. They shared a room in Ivanhoe with the bunk beds – starting off in one of the smaller bedrooms and eventually moving to the larger master bedroom as their toys and teddy’s grew in number.

I have no video of her 4th Birthday and so I end it with a few pictures.



Age 4 (2001-2002)

This fifth instalment is Molly age 4 and is cut to “What Goes On” from The Beatles Rubber Soul album.

This year was a quiet one for Molly Moo as we continued to renovate Ivanhoe and enjoy playing around the house. As I had built a 6 foot high fence across the front of Ivanhoe, Molly had free reign of the entire block to run around and play.

She was flower girl for the second time – this time for her godfather Clark and Ezna – and so a cute scene as she walks down the aisle with Thomas Huet.

There are some scenes from an apartment we had in Hyde Park, Sydney while I was on assignment for a few months. This was over summer and gave us a chance to catch-up with many Sydney based friends also with young kids.

Moo has never been an early riser for Santa as she chooses to wake up in her own time on Christmas Day.  Given she was one of 3 grandchildren at this stage and the only one old enough to really enjoy Christmas is was frustrating for all to wait for her to rise.

2002 was the year she learnt to ride a bike without training wheels and her best friend at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar Early Learning Centre was Amelia.

Easter 2002 was in England with Kerrie’s parents. Kerrie took the kids to see her family while I stayed back in Australia. This was Emily’s first trip to England.

The clip ends with a shot of Molly through the window of her doll house which I made myself for her 5th birthday.



Age 5 (2002-2003)

This instalment is Molly aged 5 and is cut to “Hold Me Tight” from the “With The Beatles” Album.

It starts with a pleasant day learning to ice skate in the temporary facility at Southbank Melbourne.  A good Aussie run through the sprinklers then sees a scene of Molly in a Nativity Play.

The last lot of renovations at Ivanhoe then takes us into Christmas. The renovations were the laundry and toilet which almost saw us without a toilet that Christmas – a disaster averted as we hosted my family that year.

We see Molly starting to become self conscious at the age of 5 while Emily makes a number of short but cute appearances completely unembarrassed.

Towards the end we see Molly as the Wombat in the Ivanhoe Girls Grammar Year 1 production of Wombat Stew.  Then closing shots of Molly in her school uniform.



Age 6 (2003-2004)

This instalment is Molly age 6 and is cut to “I Should Have Known Better” from the “A Hard Day’s Night” Album.

It starts with a cute scene of Molly, Emily and Amelia (Molly’s best friend from Ivanhoe Girls Grammar). This was just after seeing Disney On Ice which was Molly’s 6th Birthday present.

As usual lots of dancing and playtime between Molly and Emily.

Trying to take a bite out of hanging apples was on Halloween where we were playing games with the Evan’s family who were on holiday from Sheffield, England.

Roller-skates for Christmas and then off to Sea World Resort at the Gold Coast – Molly went swimming with the Dolphins and got a little kiss. It was a great summer holiday as the kids were the perfect age to enjoy Sea World and its animals.

Molly also had her third stint as a Flower Girl (or first stint as a Bridesmaid) this time joined with Emily for their Aunty Nellie’s wedding.


Age 7 (2004-2005)

This instalment is Molly age 7 and is cut to “And I Love Her” from the “A Hard Day’s Night” Album.

It was a fairly quiet end to the 2004 year as we had moved to Canberra earlier in the year and so spent most of 2004 settling in. Molly got her first big bike from Santa which was well used around the bike tracks of Canberra.

The year in 2005 picked up as we had Frank Hobson’s Christening in Brisbane which gave us the chance to pop into DreamWorld on the Gold Coast.  We also had our big trip to England and then camping throughout France (Brittany, Loire Valley, Paris and Somme) with the girls first of many visits to Disney, this one being Euro Disney.

Easter was Chocolate Carrots which had Molly excited and fascinated – such a simple thing.

Her talking Alarm clock appears. She had a lot of fun with this as it would record her voice and then play it back as her alarm.

Enter video caption here


Age 8 (2005-2006)

This instalment is Molly age 8 and is cut to “Honey Don’t” from the “Beatles For Sale” Album.

This video has some overlap from the previous as our big holiday in 2005 to England and France overlapped with Molly’s 8th Birthday. This enabled her to have her 8th Birthday with her grandparents in Ormskirk, England.

The early shots in the video are from France except the Pom Pom Dancing at the start which was her Christmas present that year with the Dance Mat.

The two speaking session of Molly and Emily part way in were at Euro Disney. The first was midday when waiting at the Disney Station and I was asking them what they thought of Euro Disney. The second was after 11pm on the way back from Euro Disney on the train – you can see how tired they were as they had gone none stop since 6am.

In the second talking session you can also see Molly with her Goofy hat. Each Disney trip she picked up a different funny hat.

Their first set if Hermit Crabs make an appearance. This was the start of many years of Hermit Crabs and other little critters.

Molly also won the opportunity to train with the ACT Canberra Strikers which is the representative team in women’s Field Hockey.

She continued with the Piano as well as the Fife in Yaralumla Primary School Fife and Drum Band.

We also moved into out house in Heysen Street that year hence many of he later shots are from Heysen Street.


Enter video caption here


Age 9 (2006-2007)

This instalment is Molly age 9 and is cut to “Rock and Roll Music” from the “Beatles For Sale” Album.

In an early scene we see Molly in the Yaralumla Primary School play with her best friend Annabel.

This was the year where we finalised most of our renovations of our Heysen Street house including the big backyard renovation. So half way through you can see the girls on their see-saw on our new lawn. The backyard was thanks to some awesome clearing from Shane Glassock.

This was a year of trips. We started with an outback trip to Corner Country in August. You can see Molly in the video on a rope swing and treading through a muddy lake a 1,000 km’s from nowhere. We ended this outback trip with a long and very boring drive along the border of NSW and Queensland to arrive in Brisbane for Frank Hobson’s birthday. The park scenes were from a picnic with the Hobson’s.

We spent summer at Durras off the lower East Coast of Australia with the girls having a lot of fun on their boogie boards. We also had Easter with my family camping at Tumut as can be seen with the girls on their bikes.

Molly’s 9th year finished with our big trip to California and to Disneyland, LA for Molly’s 10th Birthday. Spoiled she had a cake in the morning with her Character Breakfast and then a cake in the evening with her Disney Character Dinner.

Enter video caption here


Age 10 (2007-2008)

This instalment is Molly age 10 and is cut to “Yellow Submarine” from the “Yellow Submarine” album. It was originally release as Ringo Star’s vocal contribution to “Revolver”.

This year was a massive year for Molly with so much being packed in. Molly’s tenth year starts with the continuation of our California Holiday in 2007 and Molly’s walk down Princess Lane at Disneyland.  It finishes with our 2 month holiday in England and Europe in 2008 and is spliced in the middle with Christmas at Kiama, NSW. As I said there was a lot packed into this year.

The California Holiday was one of the best. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World and San Diego Zoo with a 7 year old and 10 year old was perfect. Molly went swimming with a Beluga Whale at Sea World which you can see in the video. We took in Kings Canyon, Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park. Then finished off with Napa Valley, San Francisco, Monterey and down the Big Sur to LA. There is some video of Molly enjoying the spoils of Napa Valley.

In addition to all the travelling Molly had a lot on back home with dance and theatre – including starring as the Lorax in a local play. There is a cute scene with Molly doing an Indonesian dance with her friends from school – Dila was a school friend from Indonesia.

The video also shows a huge achievement for Molly – after many years she was finally tall enough to put the Angel on top of the Christmas Tree without any help. Christmas was at a beach house in Kiama, NSW. It was a great Christmas with the girls doing a lot of Boogie Boarding and later that year Molly tried to surf. The Hobson’s also came to Kiama for Christmas Day – in the video Molly is in her Moon Shoes which was a present from the Hobson’s and all the rage that year.

Even after all this however the biggest event was that it was the year we got Charlie – our Beagle.

The final scenes are from our huge holiday in England and Europe. The shots are largely from Germany and Switzerland with the snow and Molly skiing.

The highlight of the video however was Molly’s dubious hat choices for the year Smile


Enter video caption here


Age 11 (2008-2009)

This instalment is Molly age 11 and is cut to “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” from the album “The Beatles (White Album)

Christmas of 2008 was spent in New Zealand and so many of the early shots were from that holiday.  We spent a week exploring the South Island north of Christchurch.  Then we picked up my mum and dad in Christchurch and spent a further week exploring the south.

It was great summer weather for the two weeks in New Zealand and so lots of outdoor hiking and enjoying the wineries, beaches and food.  However we did have a few days of rain which happened when we decided to go Kayaking.

The girls main Christmas presents that year were a laptop each which Santa managed to get to them while we were travelling New Zealand.

One of the places we all enjoyed in New Zealand was Puzzling World at Wanaka. There is a great shot of Molly sliding upwards on a seat – this was because it was mounted in a room where the floor and everything on it was angled.

The Slip n Slide scenes were with Freddy and Tilly, our next door neighbours in Canberra. The Easter Egg Hunt that follows was at Corryong where my whole family camped for Easter 2009. The closing scene was up at Hotham and shows Molly and Frank on the steel toboggan.

Enter video caption here


Age 12 (2009-2010)

This instalment is Molly age 12 and is cut to “Got To Get You into My Life” from the album “Revolver

The video starts to show a tall and lanky Moo heading into her teen age years. Most of the video is from either her Year 6 Primary School Graduation – note the Leadership Award – or from an Outback Trip we did over Christmas 2009 – through the Flinders Ranges to Ayres Rock (Uluru), Kings Canyon and Alice Springs. Then back down to meet mum and dad around Barossa Valley and Hahndorf outside of Adelaide.

Some great Aussie snaps in this video with Moo boarding down sand dunes just out of Wentworth, swimming in the Murray River, shooting pool in a real Outback Aussie Pub and doing the actions and singing to “Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees”. All fitting as it was only a year later we packed up from Australia and headed off to Malaysia.

Although not really shown in the video, this was a big age for Moo as she started high school at in early 2010. The video does finish with a small snap from a High School Piano Recital.

Moo’s 13th birthday party at the end was at the Hellenic Club in Canberra with Ice Skating afterwards. She had a great group of girls from her Year 7 Class at Canberra Girls Grammar plus some of her friends from Basketball and Hockey.

There is something I should have edited which occurs when the girls and Kerrie are dancing to the Nintendo – I did not pick it up until the video was published so too late now!!!


Enter video caption here


Age 13 (2010-2011)

This instalment is Molly age 13 and is cut to “A Hard Day’s Night” from the album of the same name.

The year 2010 saw us all head to East Coast USA for 3 weeks with mum and dad, taking in Disney World for Emily’s 10th Birthday.  The end of 2010 was also our shift from Canberra to Kuala Lumpur with all four of us flying out Boxing Day to start our 4 year experience. It was also the year Molly started High School – so all in all it was a big year for our Moo.

The video starts with Molly Ice Skating in Canberra with friends for her 13th Birthday Party. Then immediately cuts into scenes from around Disney World in Florida.

There is a long cut of the girls enjoying Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity’s in New York.  It was well worth the hour long wait.

After Christmas Day in Albury, we flew out on Boxing Day, via Sydney, to Kuala Lumpur – our new home. As such the later half of the video is from the first half of 2011, in and around Malaysia.

This section starts with Molly and Kerrie riding an elephant at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary.  This place is about 2 hours north of Kuala Lumpur and a great hands on experience.

Many of the other scenes are from a long weekend in Penang when Kerrie’s parents visited.

These early times in Malaysia were a real experience because the girls were able to do many things that they would be considered to young for in Australia but Malaysia is not as strict.

There are two Moo Faces towards the end – sitting in a cafe not happy about something and then sitting in a cafe happy about something Smile


Enter video caption here


Age 14 (2011-2012)

This instalment is Molly age 14 and is cut to “Can’t Buy Me Love” from “A Hard Day’s Night” album.

The video clearly shows that Molly has settled into her teenage years and is enjoying her time in Malaysia and South East Asia. A number of scenes are from our 2011 / 2012 holidays to Cambodia, Kota Kinabalu, Pangkor Island, Langkawi, Gem Island and others.

There are a number of sport snippets which go along with the amount of sport they (Moo and Em) were doing for Garden International School (GIS). Generally the level of sport in school was not what they were use to in Australia and it meant that if you were good at sport you got called on for most activities. 

Basketball was Moo’s thing, carrying on from Australia, and she did well at that until later years when her back started to interfere.  Soccer was not her thing, having never played before GIS, and she really only played a few years at GIS.  The video shows what Molly excelled at in Soccer, running around making space for everyone else but not seeing much ball Smile

Molly represented GIS at the FOBISSEA Games in Bangkok which is where the Javelin shot is from.

Molly and Em were quite close this first few years in Malaysia as they experienced new things together and I think the video shows that – especially with Em being in tow with most things Molly did. Molly however was always more adventurous with food and the video shows her enjoying a spiced Tea Egg and Durian.


Enter video caption here


Age 15 (2012-2013)

This instalment is Molly age 15 and is cut to “Love Me Do” from the “Please Please Me” album.

Looking back through all the video of this year I could not believe how much Moo had packed in.  It was her O-Level iGSCE year and the video ends with her graduation from Garden International School (GIS), Kuala Lumpur. But in addition to studying for her O-Level Exams she also packed into that year a family holiday to China and then a secodn one to Japan.

The video starts with scenes from China and specifically Molly be chatted up by a Beijing Lad at the Temple of Heaven.  Both Moo and Em were popular with the locals in China with Moo even spending a good half an hour on the steps of Great Wall of China swapping English and Chinese with a local girl while EM and I ran further on. Moo’s “Boggle Legs” Chinese Wall gives a unique perspective of the wall Smile

Of course the China trip finished with Disney with a day at Hong Kong Disney.  We see Moo posing and trying to be extra nice to make up for the horror Em was by then.

Japan was a Christmas trip mainly for skiing at Nozawa Onsen. A nice change to get into the cold and rug up.

The last half of the video is around Kuala Lumpur. Molly getting MVP for Basketball, doing the Ferreoo Rocher Challenge and entering a Lego Competition.

Then next to final a quick snap of Moo and her best friend at the time Clio, just after their exams, and on their way for a weeks R&R in Singapore.  Just the two of them and first time Moo was away from us on her own.


Enter video caption here


Age 16 (2013-2014)

This instalment is Molly age 16 and is cut to “Yesterday” from the “Help!” album.

Looking at these last few years of videos it looks like we were on a permanent holiday such was the life of an Expat in South East Asia.  In this video we have scenes from our trips to Vietnam, Boracay (Philippines) and Krabi (Thailand).

Perhaps this video more than any other shows Moo’s easy going and friendly personality and the person she has become as she is happy and relaxed in much of the video.

For Moo this was the year she rode a motorcycle on her own in Krabi, got her “L Plates” in Australia, finally got up on Water Skis and learnt to Scuba Dive in Boracay. Thanks to Tony Fisher for getting the girls water skiing. The same person who got me and my sisters up on skis as kids.

For her 17th Birthday Cake at the end, we had finally managed to get both sets of Grandparents on Skype at the same time and so her first birthday in many years with all her immediate family signing happy birthday to her, albeit with the internet delay.


Enter video caption here


Age 17 (2014-2015) – Part 1

This instalment is Molly age 17 and is cut to “I Saw Her Standing There” from the “Please Please Me” album.

I am splitting this into 2 parts because I obviously cannot do Part 2 and her 18trh Party until another month.

So Part 1 kicks off with scenes from our summer holiday in Scotland July / August 2014. A great few weeks including taking in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow at the start and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival at the end. We all got our first taste of Irn-Bru while there.

Molly doesn’t show her sporting prowess much, given failed attempt at climbing a large rock and her failed attempt at jumping on wall at Jump Street.

A small lightsaber style fight with her mum pops up in the middle of the video thanks to glow tubes we got at a great Pet Shop Boys Concert before a segway to scenes from our long weekend at Royal Belum State Park in Malaysia.

Some last home shots at our house in Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur before Christmas at mum and dad’s in Albury after which we were officially back and living in Australia.

New Years Eve on St Kilda Beach – World Cup Cricket at the MCG – Sitting with Ruby in one of Melbourne’s many Parks – finishing with a water obstacle at the Viper Challenge.

Another big year given it is her A-Level Exam year.


Age 17 (2014-2015) – Part 2

The final instalment for Molly’s videos of her first 18 years of life. This final one is not put to a Beatles song but to John Lennon’sImagine”. A very apt song as she turns 18 and starts to head out in a world after school.

This video is primarily of her 18th Birthday Party in Kuala Lumpur with school friends. However I kick it off with a few photos of Moo from over the years.

Enter video caption here

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